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The biggest and best eoc experience to date.

Cywir has now released to the public and is available for download now!

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Cywir is the only RuneScape 3 private server dedicated to bringing you the most enjoyable and stable experience possible. Unrivial in development, Cywir already boasts some of the most detailed and innovative content available, And we are only just getting started!

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    • Cywir RS3


      Update 1.0 - 15/08/2019




      • 3x XP option
        • 3x XP rate is now available
          • You can now revert to 30x XP by using the command ;;normalize


      • Elite Dungeoneering map loading
        • Fixed an issue with map loading within Elite Dungeoneering
          • Hopefully should fix the nulling issue


      • Withdrawing bonds
        • Fixed an issue when redeeming bonds
          • Withdrawing bonds no longer gives you the wrong item


      • Trading bonds
        • You can now trade bonds without issue


      • Prayers on action bar
        • You can now trigger prayers directly from your action bar without issue


      • Manually triggering abilities
        • Some player faced issues when trying to trigger abilities manually, this should now be amended



      • Corruption Shot/blast
        • Some players faced issues when using this ability
          • Corruption Shot and blast should now work as intended


      • Onslaught
        • Some players faced issues when using this ability
          • Onslaught should now work as intended and drain adrenaline at the correct rate




      • Skilling pets
        • Something in the air was making skilling pets far to common
          • They are now much less common to obtain


      • Effigies
        • I spoke to some of the Dragonkin and they agreed that they were to common
          • You are now less likely to find them

      • Draconic Visage
        • Your prayers have been answered, Draconic Visage no longer shows up as a world announcement when dropped