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  3. Welcome to Cywir, even though you ain't new!
  4. Welcome to Cywir, spliced! Think I’ve seen you running around. You play together with your real life friends? Cuz I see you 4 always together🙊. Goodluck on your journey
  5. Hello! I am a brand new player, this is my very first rsps and I am ready to play and get that grind on. I like to play up to 2 accounts at once sometimes but never any more 🙂 Look forward to meeting you all 😄
  6. Welcome to cywir, @mclaylow. I hope everything works for you now, otherwhise join our discord channel. Sure there’s plenty of people who will help you. Goodluck on your cywir journey!
  7. still doing nothing, its flashing up a black screen then nothing ive uninstalled and reinstalled java
  8. Open it with Java; follow this path: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_231\jre\bin\java.exe It should run after that and remember to set it to always run with it so you don't need to do the same thing over and over every time you load the client.
  9. it just keeps asking me how i want to open it, my java is fully up to date just dont know what else to do
  10. Are you downloading the correct thing? Normally it's just a .jar file. You run that file through Java, you don't need to extract or unzip it.
  11. i have no .jar file when i unzip the folder
  12. Welcome to Cywir, Mclaylow. You need to unzip the folder, run the .jar file inside. If that doesn't work, you may need to update your Java which you can do from here: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html In the future, head over to Community Troubleshoot for assistance. I hope this resolves your issues and I hope to see you in-game soon!
  13. Hi guys im new here, just a quick question ive followed the steps to start the client but i cant even open the client after download, no idea what im doing wrong? do i need to unzip the client etc... any help would be much appreciated
  14. Will begin to populate this as the spawns are easily recognised by myself - any feedback is appreciated to improve this. Misthalin region: Kandarin region: Kharidian region: Wilderness region: Tirannwn/Isafdar region:
  15. Earlier
  16. Yes, Thank you. I will be helping out as much as I can. thanks for the chace.
  17. Thank you for the promotion; I will continue to support the community as much as I possibly can. Congratulations to all of you joining the team! I got friends again, let's go!
  18. Thanks alot for the promotion. I will do my best to keep everyone happy at cywir. Congratz to everyone else who got promoted! ‘Sun🌞
  19. Staff update 1.1 Thank you for your applications for Server Support role on Cywir, the application process is now closed and i have made a decision. The newly appointed staff team is; Moderators: Sun Tokai Server supports: Dani Saucy Demoted: Cinema Thanks, Scythe.
  20. Ingame name: Saucy Timezone: MST Time played: around 4 months - 300+ hours About yourself: 23 years old, from Colorado, United States. Young aspiring digital design artist. I am adobe and maxon certified. I work hard to ensure a decent future for myself, but I also enjoy some guilty pleasures on the side. Why should we choose you?: I have committed alot of my time to this server, and I am on daily. I have also put alot of time into ensuring other players enjoy their experience. This game isn't only about enjoying your own experience. its about enjoying the experience as a community, and thats all that I strive for in this server. Build a reliable, trustworthy, and strong community, that simply builds off of each other. I can also contribute tremendously towards the visuals for the promotion side of the server.
  21. Ingame name: Spliced Timezone: EST Time played: 2 months About yourself: 23 years old, Know a fair amount of actual runescape and played 4 months of gangscape (another rs3 private server) until I was promoted there without applying. Why should we choose you?: I am always on and always grinding. I believe being active is one of the more important traits of a staff member.
  22. Ingame name: Dani Timezone: CST Time played: Little over a month? Quite active throughout the days as well. About yourself: Been playing RS for long time. Nearly maxed on rs3, and have two accounts on OSRS. Why should we choose you?: I Work from home so its good to monitor the game at all times.
  23. Tokai

    Hi im new!

    Hello, and welcome to Cywir, Sam! Always good to have RuneScape veteran's as part of our community, happy to have you here. If you need any help be sure to check out the guides on here or feel free to ask me for assistance in-game, on Discord or even on the forums as a private message!
  24. Scythe

    Hi im new!

    Welcome to Cywir Sam!
  25. samc95

    Hi im new!

    HI my names Sam, im 24. Ive been playing rs since classic (on and off), Private servers around 6yrs this version looks really nice so ill be sticking around. Be good to meet you all in game. (IGN- Samc95)
  26. Well done mate! Doubt i could manage 1 never mind 3! 😂😂
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