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  4. Cinema

    New Slayer Master

    I like this, a lot.
  5. Guthix

    New Slayer Master

    I think it would be cool if we had a new high-level slayer master like RS3 did with Laniakea/Anachronia. They would require either level 90, 95, or 99 Slayer and would generally have the same tasks and weightings to Morvran but with some of the worse tasks removed (I'm looking at you Dagannoths) although nothing too OP. For whom this slayer master could, I'd think The Raptor would make a good choice especially since he was actually a temporary slayer master when the elite slayer creatures were first released on Runescape although it could be someone else. This new slayer master could also be released with the release of Menaphos in the future as a bonus benefit for unlocking the city.
  6. Scythe

    Update 1.0

    Update 1.0 - 15/08/2019 [+]Added 3x XP option 3x XP rate is now available You can now revert to 30x XP by using the command ;;normalize [+]Fixes Elite Dungeoneering map loading Fixed an issue with map loading within Elite Dungeoneering Hopefully should fix the nulling issue Withdrawing bonds Fixed an issue when redeeming bonds Withdrawing bonds no longer gives you the wrong item Trading bonds You can now trade bonds without issue Prayers on action bar You can now trigger prayers directly from your action bar without issue Manually triggering abilities Some player faced issues when trying to trigger abilities manually, this should now be amended Corruption Shot/blast Some players faced issues when using this ability Corruption Shot and blast should now work as intended Onslaught Some players faced issues when using this ability Onslaught should now work as intended and drain adrenaline at the correct rate [+]Changes Skilling pets Something in the air was making skilling pets far to common They are now much less common to obtain Effigies I spoke to some of the Dragonkin and they agreed that they were to common You are now less likely to find them Draconic Visage Your prayers have been answered, Draconic Visage no longer shows up as a world announcement when dropped
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  8. Cinema

    Cinema's Suggestions

    3: add Warbands and sinkholes, mainly warbands
  9. IT'S LAUNCH DAY! The long awaited release of Cywir is here! The biggest and best RuneScape 3 private server is now yours to reek havoc on! Click here to play now! Experience rates Global exp rates are 30x An addition exp rate is available at 3x with no additional benefits. Ironman game modes Both should be fully supported. Group ironman will come in the future.
  10. Scythe

    Cywir 1.0

    Version 1.0


    Cywir 1.0 client Updated 10/08/2019
  11. Donation rank and tier information Donations in Cywir are somewhat different, it's all housed under and upgradeable rank. This rank is called premium, and it can be levelled up indefinitely gradually upgrading your benefits. The way it work is that the more bonds you redeem the better the rank gets. A notification will be sent when you hit a tier milestone. Mandatory benefits Treasure hunter keys For each premium tier you will gain an extra 2 keys per tier. For example; Premium tier 5 rewards you with 10 extra keys per day as well as your daily 2 keys a day. Lodestone quick charges For each premium tier you will gain and extra 10 charges per tier. For example; Premium tier 7 rewards you with 70 extra charges per day as well as your daily 10 charges. Unlockable benefits (work in progress) Clue scroll rerolls Tiers 1-2 will receive 1 free reroll per day. Tiers 3-6 will receive 2 free rerolls per day. Tiers 7+ will receive 3 free rerolls per day. subject to change Premium hairstyles Locked for non premium members. unlocked by becoming premium. Walk animations locked to non premium members. unlocked by becoming premium tier 3 or higher. Premium rank and tiers is work in progress and will be worked on progressively. Scythe.
  12. Pre-release update log 1.56 This will be the last patch before release on 10/08/2019 [+] Added Functionality to the melee ability Barge Barge should now work correctly and can be triggered within 10 tiles of target When out of combat Barge will now target the closest NPC to you Darren, a banker by lava strykewyrms is now functional You can now bank with darren when out of combat Sources of infinite runes and elemental staffs are now functional for example you can now; drag an item onto money pouch icon in order to alch said item if all requirements are met Darklight you can now pick a darklight from near the Tormented Demon teleport location Mining limestone You are now able to mine Limestone and make them into bricks [+] Fixes Gates You should no longer encounter problems with opening and closing gates. Queen Black Dragon Her health has been corrected The dragonkin coffer reward interface should now be working as it should Banking with BoB You should now be able to bank with BoB without problem Revolution++ Made some adjustments to revolutions trigger speed Your dps should be more balanced now Voice of Seren Voice of Seren should now activate accordingly every hour Banking There was some graphical issues within the bank, This should be fixed now Made some modifications to banking to make it more smoother Fishing spots - Sardines & Herrings Fixed the bait spots for these fish Dyed Items You can now fix these items without issues Crystal Triskelion fragments & Crystal keys Fragments now drop in order Crystal key part assemble option is now functional Interface locking Fixed an issue where in some cases your interfaces would unlock/lock when performing an action Chaos elemental Chaos ele now has its correct hp Potion decanting Made modifications to this and it should be working more smoothly Item wielding Fixed an issue where wearing specific items would stop you wearing others
  13. As the release date draws ever closer, It's time to announce our first ever competition! The competition will be simple and will reap in rewards! The first 3 players to reach the max total of 2,736 will be rewarded. The prizes will scale down from 1st place to 3rd place. The rewards are as followed; 1st place 30 Bonds 5000 RuneCoins 1 x Christmas Cracker An exclusive rank on forums and discord 2nd place 25 Bonds 3500 RuneCoins 1 x Black/Red santa hat An exclusive rank on forums and discord 3rd place 15 Bonds 2000 RuneCoins 1 x h'ween mask An exclusive rank on forums and discord I wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you on release on Saturday 10th August 2019, 2pm GMT / 10am EST. Scythe.
  14. So hyped for this release! Can't wait to start gaming with everyone.
  15. The time has finally arrived for me to announce the release of Cywir. As many of you may not know, This project has been in the works for a very long time and many months,days and hours have been sunk into this project for it to be the best it can be at this time. This has been my biggest project ever and there is so much pressure when developing a RuneScape 3 private server. The pressure being to not only provide a stable experience but to have enough content to fill countless hours. I'm very proud to say Cywir has just that! Our Alpha and Beta testing stages truly proved themselves and thanks to our testers we uncovered all the bugs and issues we needed too! So without further ado, I am happy to announce we will be releasing on; Saturday 10th August 2019, 2PM GMT Thank you all for following and supporting my project! Expect bigs things in the months to come. Scythe.
  16. Just a short post regarding your thoughts on content updates after the release of Cywir! I want to know what you would like to see and how you would like to see it! The idea is to maintain a healthy player to developer relationship by fully understanding what you guys want and expect from a RuneScape 3 private server. So please if you can please vote on the following questions. Thank you, Scythe.
  17. Update Log 1.55 [Wednesday 10th July 2019] [Beta testing updates];  /** Made some modification to loot area. The altar of guthix in burthorpe now functions correctly. Imbuing has been modified to use runecrafting skill. Fixed an issue with skill dialogues. Fixed an issue while fletching bolts/arrows. Araxxor rotations have been implemented. Fixed an issue with item shortcuts in ability bar. Devotion now properly blocks damage when prayer protection is active. Devotion now increases by 5 seconds per kill up to a maximum of 20 seconds. Ironman can now do boss instances free of charge. Ironman can now only join ironman instances. Normal players can now only join normal player instances. **/
  18. Hello everyone, this is going to be a guide for every bosses drops ingame as well as some useful drops that may not be dropped by bosses. So lets get started! Use Ctrl + F to search for a boss! Misc: Chaos Dwarf Hand Cannoneer: Slayer Monsters: Ascension Members: Rorarius Gladius Casparius Scutarius Abyssal Demons Dark Beast Airut Lava Strykewyrm Wyvern Dragonstone Dragon Eddimu Ripper Demon Camel Warrior Archeron Mammoth Onyx Dragon Hydrix Dragon GWD Commander Zilyana K'ril Tsutsaroth Kree'arra General Graardor Nex Nex Angel of Death. Queen Black Dragon King Black Dragon Corporeal Beast Kalphite Queen Dagannoth Supreme Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Prime Kalphite King Arraxi Vorago GWD2 Gregorovic Twin Furies Vindicta Helwyr Telos the Warden
  19. Looks good bro, keep up the good work!
  20. Cinema

    Different exp rates

    Personally, I disagree with multiple xp rates because 1. It messes with integrity and how the game feels for some. (ie. I maxed first on the faster xp rates so who cares yanno.) 2. Some people are genuinely weird and think it matters what game mode you play on and will try bullying others for choosing a faster xp rate. Any server I've ever been on with multiple xp rates has been terrible. This is just in my experience though and it could be better on here. only speaking from experience. However, I do agree with if its done to just leave it as xp differentiations only and not any benefits with it.
  21. I would like to suggest different exp rates, for some people as myself x30 rates might feel too fast! I also undertand that some people do not like the idea of multiple exp rates and I respect that! I do not suggest something like "x5 exp and x2 drop rate", I simply want to see lower rates without any benefits. Hell, I personally would even pay for lower rates but I don't think hiding different rates behind a pay wall would be well received? Whoever replies to this, please state a reason as to why you would/wouldn't want to see that as an option! Thank you.
  22. DISCLAIMER THIS IS WHAT I'M GOING TO DO TO START. IT IS THE MOST EFFICIENT WAY TO BEGIN BOSSING QUICKLY IN MY OPINION. Hello everyone! Welcome to my starter guide. I've had a few players come to me and ask how to start off and I haven't been able to give them a direct answer. Well here's a nice way to start off if you're new:) The only useful command is ;;menu and it brings up everything. Also examining an NPC not in combat will reveal its drop table as well as a drop sample of 100 kills. 1: The Beginning. When you first start off. There will be 4 things you need to grab. After you make your character. click these 3 armour stands and the food stand located right beside you. If you right click the bank chest and select "Collect" you can open the Grand Exchange. Once you've gotten your starter, bank your items. Refer to my God Statues guide here. Go to each God Statue and build them for free Slayer and Construction XP. Here's the locations of the God Statues. 2: Starting Off. Personally, I like to get skill stuff out of the way. If you are not one of these people. skip to part 3. As this server is highly self sufficient in the beginning, you should definitely start off with Fishing and Cooking. For a simple Fishing guide. I'd recommend 1-40 doing shrimp and anchovies in Draynor Village. ( Speak to Lady Deathknell > Skilling teleports > Fishing and Cooking > Draynor Village ) 40-76 Fishing do Lobsters in the Fishing Guild. ( Speak to Lady Deathknell > Skilling teleports > Fishing and Cooking > Fishing Guild. ) 76-90 Fishing do Sharks in the Fishing Guild. ( Speak to Lady Deathknell > Skilling teleports > Fishing and Cooking > Fishing Guild. ) 90+ Fishing do either Cavefish or Rocktail in the Living Rock Caverns. (These will also be a GREAT money maker if you sell them in the GE) You can buy fishing bait from Gerrant Port Sarim here. As for Living Rock Minerals. You can get these from killing the Living Rock Monsters. More than likely people will sell them on the GE as well. Once you get the Fish you need. I recommend getting Cooking Gauntlets so you don't have to burn all of your fish and waste them. Please refer to my Cooking Gauntlet Guide here > Once you've gotten your Cooking Gauntlets you can cook all of your food and you'll be ready for Part 3!!! 3: PVM. Once you've gotten your food, or you think you don't need food. You can now begin PvM! Depending on what combat style you want to use, you can refer to this guide to see all the shops around the world that can help you in what gear you need > You can either do Slayer or go straight to Elite Dungeoneering. Elite Dungeoneering off the rip isn't good combat XP but it's a little easier than when you're doing it at a high level. Elite Dungeoneering is a custom Dungeoneering created by our very own @Scythe In Elite Dungeoneering. You can get there by speaking to Lady Deathknell and Teleporting to Elite Dungeoneering. Once you get here there are 2 portals. There's usually 30 or so Npcs in the blue portal and 60 in the red portal. There are 5 things that happen when in Elite Dungeoneering. Defensive Aura: Gives 50% Damage Protection. Poison Cloud: Will harm you if you stand inside it. Explosion: Will get an alert saying there's going to be an explosion. Stand inside the circle to avoid damage. Healing Aura: Heals you while you stand inside of it Damage Aura: Damages you while you stand inside of it. There's a killcount at the top saying how many kills you have left. Once you kill them all it'll say this. Once you finish the kills, click the portal at the end of the dungeon and you'll be taken to the rewards room The bigger chest is the rewards chest and the smaller chest is a bank chest that you can use. To re-enter dungeoneering simply use the red portal. If you don't die you'll get more xp and more rewards from the chest. There's a chance to get T70 Hybrid armour as well so make sure not to die! You can do this to level 80 which by then you'll have enough for a Chaotic of your choice. Once you get the Chaotic you want, you can teleport to Godwars Dungeon (Low Tier Bosses > Godwars Dungeon ) Kill the npcs in here and if you're lucky you'll get Warpriest. Currently all Warpriest works the same by if you have a full set, you have a chance to negate 90% of damage. If you kill the imp you can get warpriest pretty easily as it's the weakest npc in the dungeon. Once you get your warpriest you're free to do whatever you want to. Reminder this is simply a starting off guide, this isn't supposed to be detailed or help you get everything you need. Just things to start off. Hope this guide can help you and good luck everyone!!!
  23. Cinema

    Cinema's Suggestions

    2: add vampyre teleport to low level combat or blisterwood trees to skilling teleports pretty please
  24. As we near ever closer to the release of Cywir we are still undecided on the experience rates that should be in place on release. I have narrowed it down to the two favorites and now it's down to you to decide. Please vote on which experience rate you prefer. Make sure you are 100% happy with your vote before making it as you will not be able to remove it. Scythe.
  25. This is pretty straightforward guide. For levels 1-90, you are pickpocketing the highest Thieving levelled NPC that you can pickpocket which are shown below. There are various exceptions to this due to some NPC's not being found where they should be located or the NPC's pickpocket option not being functional. Once you reach level 91+, you have two options: Dwarven traders in Keldagrim or Elven Workers in Prifddinas with each having its own pros and cons (see below). I will update this guide once more thieving NPC's are added and also functional. Note: It is generally assumed that you know how to go to the various locations or know where certain NPC's are located in the maps provided below. I have provided information on how to get to certain locations that some may people may not know about but if you have questions about the guide, feel free to ask them below and I will try to respond as quickly as possible. Levels 1-10: Men (Lumbridge) Levels 10-25: Farmers (Northeast of Lumbridge) Levels 25-38: Warriors (Varrock Palace) Levels 38-45: Master Farmers (Draynor Market) Levels 45-55: Fremennik Citizens (Rellekka) For this training method, you will be pickpocketing the various citizens found throughout Rellekka. It is recommended that you pickpocket the citizens found in houses as they will have a smaller area to move around in and also avoid pickpocketing the NPC's near the market as the guards near the market will turn aggressive if they catch you pickpocketing. The easiest way to get to Rellekka is through the lodestone system by selecting the Relleka lodestone and then running west. Skillers should also be aware that there are aggressive unicorns near the lodestone. Levels 55-70: Knights (Ardougne Market) Levels 70-75: Paladins (Ardougne Market) Levels 75-80: Gnomes (Tree Gnome Stronghold) To get here, talk to Lady Deathknell at home and select these options: Skill Training < Agility Courses < Gnome Agility Course. Gnomes are located throughout the Stronghold and you have various options for banking if your inventory becomes full. You can either use the bank located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, use the Spirit tree to teleport to the Grand Exchange and back, or teleport home and then talk to Lady Deathknell to teleport back. Levels 80-85: Heroes (Ardougne Market) Levels 85-90: Elves (Lletya) For this training method, you will be pickpocketing the various citizens located in Lletya. To get to Lletya, you can teleport to the Tirannwn lodestone and follow the path in the image below. You can ignore the leaf trap since you can walk around it and you can also ignore the trip wire since you can walk directly over/past it and not be hurt by it. A bank is also located in Lletya if your inventory becomes full. *Ignore that Tirannwn is misspelled, I did not make this map. Levels 90+: Dwarven Traders (Keldagrim Palace) Pros: Best thieving XP/Hour, Supplies for Smithing (god tier for Ironmen), Caveman Only Ironman Friendly, Keldagrim has no requirements to be accessed Cons: Guards are annoying if not trapped, Not afk, Keldagrim not Master race The easiest way to get to Dwarven Traders is to talk to Lady Deathknell located at Home/Combat Academy in Lumbridge and select these options: Skill Training < Mining < Lava flow Mine After you select these options, you will be teleported just outside the Lava flow Mine (Beside the Blast Furnace building). Run west to the Palace and go to the second floor. In the center of the second floor, you will find the Dwarven traders as well as Guards which can be a nuisance if not trapped properly. Levels 91+: Elven Clan Workers (Prifddinas) Pros: Semi-afk, Some useful items, Master race Prifddinas Cons: Locked behind 1500 total level requirement for Prifddinas, Need 93+ Thieving level to be worth training here without waiting for clan cooldowns, Some junk items, Second best thieving XP/Hour Before you can pickpocket Elven clan workers, you will need access to Prifddinas which at the time of writing this guide requires a total level of at least 1500. To get to Prifddinas for the first time, you will have to either use a fairy ring to teleport to the fairy ring located in the Amlodd clan district (code DJS), use any Spirit tree to teleport to the Spirit tree located in the Cryws clan district, or use the south entrance which can be accessed from going through the forest in Tirannwn/Isafdar. After getting into Prifddinas, you can activate the lodestone in the center of the city to unlock a quicker way to access the city permanently via the lodestone teleport system. Prifddinas has eight different clan districts and each district is aligned to two different skills each. Each district has elven clan workers which can be pickpocketed for various items relating to the two skills of their clan. Elven clan workers also have various Thieving level requirements depending on their respective clan (see table below). It is also worth mentioning that unlike other NPC's that can be pickpocketed, you will automatically pickpocket elven clan workers until you stop or until you are caught. If you are caught, you are given a strike and if you get three strikes, you will be unable to pickpocket elven workers in that particular clan district for 20 minutes. Due to this, it is highly recommended that you have at least level 93 Thieving before pickpocketing elven clan workers in Prifddinas since multiple clans will be on the 20 minute cooldown and you will rotating between various clan districts. Generally, you will be pickpocketing the elven workers in the four best clans you can pickpocket in and switching between these four different clans. It is also worth looking at which clans the Voice of Seren (VoS) is active in as Thieving XP is increased in clans in which the VoS is active in for its duration. Worker Level XP VoS XP Iorwerth 91 125 150 Ithell 92 130 156 Cadarn 93 135 162 Amlodd 94 140 168 Trahaearn 95 145 174 Hefin 96 150 180 Crwys 97 155 186 Meilyr 98 170 204 *XP amounts listed are the XP amounts before the server XP multiplier is applied.
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