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  • Please read before downloading

    We advise you to follow these instructions to minimise the chance of you having issues with our client.

    Load times
    You may experience slow load times upon first launch of the client, this is because the cache size for RuneScape 3 private server is large and can take some time to download and unpack depending on your connection to server and general pc speed.
    Please allow enough time for the cache to partially or fully download to maximise your experience with us.

    Troubleshoot - black screen or client crashes
    Client crashes and black screens can be common whilst playing RSPS. But this is mostly due  to the versions of Java you have installed or not being utilized properly.
    Below is a few simple steps you can follow to fix your issue and future proof you from any others.


    1. Located your Java and uninstall it. Control panel > add and remove > remove all java versions
    2. Head on over to the oracle website and scroll down to the Java SE Development Kit 8u231 section, Accept License Agreement and select jdk-8u231-windows-x64.exe
    3. Create an oracle account if prompted and download jdk-8u231-windows-x64.exe
    4. Once downloaded, install jdk-8u231-windows-x64.exe
    5. When jdk-8u231-windows-x64.exe has been installed, head over to The Java website and download the latest Jre-8u231 and install it.
    6. If both java version have been installed head on over to control panel > add and remove > and it should look like this; 


    7. You should now re-open the cywir client and you should be able to play without issue.

    Following these steps before playing Cywir for the first time is highly recommended.

    New player starter guide
    Why not check out our player made starter guide it goes into some detail of how to get started on Cywir.
    You can find that guide here!





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