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How to get Cooking Gauntlets.

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Cooking Gauntlets can be used to reduce the burn rate of your food by 100% if you have the correct levels. They are definitely worth getting in my opinion as you'll save a TON of time and resources by burning less and less food. here is a tab how the Cooking Gauntlets help:


It's very easy to get these Gauntlets and you get 3 other pairs as well.

All you have to do to get these is have the Quest requirements for "Family Crest", these requirements are;


Once you have these. Teleport to Varrock and run north to the square and then east and go behind the bank to the gate.


Run east and he should be in one of the buildings. Speak to Dimintheis and he'll give you the Cooking Gauntlets if you have the required levels!


Congratulations on your Gauntlets and happy cooking!





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