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Cywir is opening it's doors!

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The time has finally arrived for me to announce the release of Cywir.

As many of you may not know, This project has been in the works for a very long time and many months,days and hours have been sunk into this project for it to be the best it can be at this time. 

This has been my biggest project ever and there is so much pressure when developing a RuneScape 3 private server.

The pressure being to not only provide a stable experience but to have enough content to fill countless hours.

I'm very proud to say Cywir has just that! 

Our Alpha and Beta testing stages truly proved themselves and thanks to our testers we uncovered all the bugs and issues we needed too!

So without further ado, I am happy to announce we will be releasing on;

Saturday 10th August 2019,  2PM GMT

Thank you all for following and supporting my project!
Expect bigs things in the months to come.



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So hyped for this release! Can't wait to start gaming with everyone.

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Damn this going to be fun

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Let the countdown begin!

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