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Pre-Release Update Log 1.56

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Cywir RS3

Pre-release update log 1.56

This will be the last patch before release on 10/08/2019


[+] Added

  • Functionality to the melee ability Barge
    • Barge should now work correctly and can be triggered within 10 tiles of target
    • When out of combat Barge will now target the closest NPC to you


  • Darren, a banker by lava strykewyrms is now functional
    • You can now bank with darren when out of combat


  • Sources of infinite runes and elemental staffs are now functional
    • for example you can now; drag an item onto money pouch icon in order to alch said item if all requirements are met


  • Darklight
    • you can now pick a darklight from near the Tormented Demon teleport location


  • Mining limestone
    • You are now able to mine Limestone and make them into bricks


[+] Fixes

  • Gates
    • You should no longer encounter problems with opening and closing gates.


  • Queen Black Dragon
    • Her health has been corrected
    • The dragonkin coffer reward interface should now be working as it should


  • Banking with BoB
    • You should now be able to bank with BoB without problem


  • Revolution++
    • Made some adjustments to revolutions trigger speed
      • Your dps should be more balanced now


  • Voice of Seren
    • Voice of Seren should now activate accordingly every hour


  • Banking
    • There was some graphical issues within the bank, This should be fixed now
    • Made some modifications to banking to make it more smoother


  • Fishing spots - Sardines & Herrings
    • Fixed the bait spots for these fish


  • Dyed Items
    • You can now fix these items without issues


  • Crystal Triskelion fragments & Crystal keys
    • Fragments now drop in order
    • Crystal key part assemble option is now functional


  • Interface locking
    • Fixed an issue where in some cases your interfaces would unlock/lock when performing an action


  • Chaos elemental
    • Chaos ele now has its correct hp


  • Potion decanting
    • Made modifications to this and it should be working more smoothly


  • Item wielding
    • Fixed an issue where wearing specific items would stop you wearing others

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