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Cinema's In Depth Farming Guide!

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my In Depth Farming Guide!

Before we begin, you'll need at least level 38 Thieving and it is recommended however not required to have 1500 Total for Prif, and a decently high Woodcutting Level.

There are 10 Different type of Patches around Runescape, 3 aren't listed as they are probably not added here.

1. Allotments


2. Flowers


3. Herb



4. Hops


5. Bush


6. Trees


7. Fruit Trees



Here is a list of all the Farming Patch Locations

1. Allotments & Herbs


2. Bushes


3. Hops


4. Trees


5. Fruit Trees


6.Spirit Trees



Now the Hard part, obtaining the seeds.

Starting off, you can thieve farmers ( level 7 thieving ) for potato seeds to start off. Plant these at Allotments and water them and they'll grow fast and you'll have a good starter xp. Do this till about 30-40 Farming.

After this, you can thieve from the Master Farmer ( level 38 thieving ) for all kinds of seeds, but I mainly keep the herb seeds when thieving from there. Plant all of your seeds you get from here, you can do this for as long as you like.

For the big XP, you can cut trees and get bird nests that have tree seeds in them, higher level tree seeds are pretty common and so are lower level so once you have the level to grow trees you can simply do trees to 99.

If you have a high Slayer Level you can kill Automatons and Ganodermics for high level seeds as they drop them really commonly.

99 Farming takes about 25 Magic trees at most for 99 so it doesn't take long.

I hope this guide helps you a lot! This was more a guide on the levels required to grow stuff and where to grow it instead of how to get seeds, as I have yet to find out an efficient way to get all the seeds needed for 99.

Have fun getting 99 Farming!









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