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Update 1.3

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Cywir RS3



Update 1.3 - 21/08/2019




World Boss/Treasure Hunt - Geobie

  • A new monster has appeared in Cywir, The goebie!
    • The Goebie can spawn in any of the following locations;
      • Kharidian Desert
      • Morytania
      • Misthalin
      • Asgarnia
      • Kandarin
      • Tirannwn
      • Wilderness
        • The Geobie drops a multitude of skilling items as well as few other items..
        • The Geobie spawns hourly and will despawn unless in combat after 10 minutes
          • The more players online the stronger the Goebie & the better the rewards 





  • Players reported issues with Cyclops attack and death animation
    • This has now been fixed


NPC dialogue

  • Fixed a vast range of typos in player to npc dialogue


NPC drops

  • Updated a few reported missing drops on a number of mobs


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