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Update 1.4

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Cywir RS3


Update 1.4 - 26/08/2019




Loyalty point shop

  • You are now able to access the Cywir Loyalty shop via Lady Deathknell
    • The rewards are as follows;
      • 5 Treasure hunter keys - 1000 LP
      • 100 RuneCoins - 300 LP
      • 1 Keepsake key 800 LP
      • 1 Bond - 3000 LP
      • Hype Train pet - 5000 LP
        • The reason for these rewards is so that you feel rewarded for spending your time with us!

Sunglasses - Treasure Hunter reward

  • The option to "Change Type" is now functional
    • You can now change sunglasses into multiple colours


Slayer cape perks

  • Fixed multiple issues with Slayer cape perks
    • You are no longer able to activate the slayer perks below level 99 slayer
      • You can no longer use the cape to access Prifddinas without 1500 total

Prifddinas house portal

  • You are no longer able to change your house portal to Prifddinas in order to gain access to Prifddinas prematurely
    • You now require 1500 total to use the option via estate agent

Daily Challenges - Maple Logs

  • Maple logs now count towards daily challenges

Broad arrows

  • Broad arrows now yield the correct amount of XP whilst fletching

Sophanem Dungeon

  • Fixed issues regarding all npcs drops in the Sophanem Dungeon

Pack Yak - Winter storage scrolls

  • Fixed issues regarding the functionality of the Winter Storage Scrolls for pack yaks
    • You should now be able to use them correctly

Friends chat - Ignore List

  • Fixed a issue regarding removing players from Ignore List
    • This should now work correctly

Araxxi - Reaper Task

  • Araxxi kills now counts toward your Reaper Task




Treasure Goebies - World event

  • Treasure Goebies loot ratio has now been increased
  • A world message will be sent when Treasure Goebies has been killed and who it was killed by
  • Treasure Goebies now give loot to the top 3 damaging players in a encounter
  • Treasure Goebies now indicate when you are less then 50 tile radius from the event
    • A waypoint indicator will be sent
      • Added extra precautions to prevent misleading waypoints

Experience Lamps - Treasure Hunter

  • Halved the amount of experience that lamps used to reward by 50%

Elite Dungeoneering - Teleporting

  • Changed the way the ending of the dungeon plays out
    • You now will be automatically teleported to the reward hub
      • This change was made because players were sometimes experiencing problems when leaving the dungeon

Trade logs - Behind the scenes

  • Altered the way trade logs are handled so that i have more depth into what is being traded on Cywir



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