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September Newsletter & Staff changes

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Cywir | RS3

1. Recent absence
2. Staff changes

Recent Absence

Hello guys, I hope you are all well!
This is just a short post regarding my absence from developing the server.

I recently started a job as junior developer, This job requires me to learn multiple new languages as well as a stockpile of work to complete for the next day.
This proved hard to juggle as well as being fully committed to Cywir.

But i want you to know that i am now in a routine with my work i am now able to commit time to developing the server.
Starting from this week i will be back to fully supporting the growth and development of Cywir.

As it stands now, I am currently working through the bug fixes and suggestions that you guys have submitted and you can expect patch notes later this week.

As we move forward through September into October you can expect some new content to drop as well as reworks of current content as we focus on packing and filling in the blanks.
Here's an example of what's to come between September and October;

- Magister - Custom fight
- Araxxor/Araxxi rework

- Vorago rework
- Nex rework

Like always anytime i develop content you will be able to follow the progress via a Development Blog where i document what i am working on.

Staff Changes

We recently opened a Server Support role for players to apply for.

I would like to congratulate @Cinema on filling this role.
I believe he will be a great asset to the staff team of Cywir, He has supported the server since joining and continues too by helping new players and current ones.

Welcome to the team @Cinema!



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NEW BOSSES POGCHAMP, also welcome back brother. As well as a thank you to the community for being great.

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