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Dev Blog - Bank overhaul, Familiar overrides & more

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Development Blog

Hi guys, hows it's going? 
It's that time again, Development blog #2!

In this dev blog i'll take you over what i have been working on for just over a week.
Detailing on what has been added and what is being added and worked on.

This week was focused on mostly on acore rework of a feature already in Cywir, But there's also some amazing quality of life updates
That will blow your socks off!

First up is the bank overhaul, This one managed to suck up quite a lot of development time to get right, As it hands down one the most
important core features in server and if not done right can cause all sorts of problems.

But now it works better than ever! you can now;

- Deposit and withdraw smoothly and swiftly
- Create tabs freely and more them around as you please
- Equip armour directly from the bank
- No more randomly shifting items within the bank




Next up is a real quality of life update that i feel will benefit every player.
Hiding familar options and familiar overrides w/ pets;

- You can now hide familiar options on yours and other players familiars
- You can now override any familiar with any pet you may own
- Boss pets and skilling pets now have correct examines detailing total KC and total XP







And that but not least, I have been working on something that i feel will be a great asset to Cywir.
Full screen java client! yes you heard it.
Although it is not finished, Great progress has been made on this so hopefully i will be able to bring this to you before release.




I hope you enjoy the updates i am bringing to you, You will soon be able to get your hands on Cywir once i am completely happy with the build.
Stay tuned for the next development blog, Who knows it could be a big one!



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This is getting more and more exciting each and everytime i see you post an update.

Keep up the fantastic work!

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This is such a little thing but its so amazing to me, familiar overrides make me so happy its amazing, i'm beyond excited to play this server.

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