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Welcome to Cywir RS3!

The home of the best Evolution of Combat experience!
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Update 2.2. now live!

Following up from update 2.1, Update 2.2 brings a massive premium extension, the long awaited premium zone, a christmas event and many fixes and changes requested by the community.
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  • Cywir RS3

    Welcome the Cywir RS3
    The home of the best Evolution of Combat experience!

    Our Story

    Cywir was released in August 2019 after spending many months under intense and vigorous development being stripped back to it's very foundation and being completely rebuilt and restructured from the ground up to ensure the stability and longevity of our server. Since release, Cywir has soon become the go-to for players seeking an enjoyable and immersive RuneScape 3 experience with a fluid and responsive combat system coupled with highly accurate and challenging bosses all with their correct mechanics, paths, rotations and enrages.

    The development of our server has never halted and remains unrivalled and unparallel to any other RuneScape 3 private server, we boast some of the most detailed and accurate content available from the likes of Telos the Warden, Araxxor, Vorago and even The Magister available at the click of a mouse. We are always looking to improve and develop the server and constantly working with our community and staff team to do just so. Every single update the server has received is backlogged and documented on our forums ( here & here ) so that you can see exactly what has been adding into the server and what kind of effort goes into our updates.


    Why you should choose us?

    You may be quite skeptical when choosing a RuneScape 3 private to play and rightly so, they don't exactly have the best reputation from being riddled with bugs and nulling issues to bad developers unable to maintain and create a server that the community demands and simple giving them a bad name.

    But of course that is where we come in, you needn't worry about any of that should you choose to spend your time with us as you are in extremely good hands!
    The source and client of Cywir is the most stable on the market and does not suffer the issues that many fall victim too. You can enjoy countless hours carefree knowing that our server will remain online and available at all times with very little downtime (excluding host/server updates).

    When it comes to core gameplay you can count on us, we're firm believers of a fair and balanced server with all game modes sharing the same experience rates (25x) with only our premium system having a very minimal edge, allowing us to keep a balance to our hiscores so they remain competitive. our server is economy based and monitored very closely and has remained strong and unaffected since launch with players actively using the player-based Grand Exchange and following trades on our real-time Grand Exchange feed. 

    Now on to content! our content is some of the most detailed and accurate ever seen in a RuneScape 3 private server to date. We already boast over 30+ generic bosses Inc. nex, godwars, barrows etc. To the more detailed and mechanical bosses like Telos the Warden, Araxxor, Vorago The Magister all fully coded with their correct mechanics.
    Slayer and reaper are also fully supported with all tasks and monsters added with their correct mechanics and areas as well as their interfaces and functionality i.e. cancelling, blocking and preferring tasks.

    There is always something to do on Cywir, whether it be our vast array of minigame or our D&Ds you will always find something to pass your time! We even have some custom content for example our custom take on dungeoneering, Elite dungeoneering. A dynamic self-generating floor and multi-theme minigame which uses assets from shattered worlds to give you a more fun and action packed way to train dungeoneering which you can take on by yourself or with other players. ( you can read more here )

    The effort we go into giving you the best experience is unmatched with many features you wouldn't expect to be added, being added. We have addition like boss collections logs & feats with title unlocks, Familiar/Summoning overrides, luck rework and server events and so much more.


    So why not join us today? and become part of something amazing!