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Welcome to Cywir RS3!

The #1 RuneScape 3 private server experience. Join the many players enjoying Cywir right now!
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Update 2.0. now live!

Update 2.0. marks the first update in phase 2 of Cywirs development cycle, in this update enjoy a brand new flawless combat experience. Completely rewrote and reworked to mirror RuneScape 3 combat system.
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  • Cywir RS3


    Welcome to Cywir RS3.
    The leading RuneScape 3 private server experience.

    Released in August 2019, Cywir has become a favorite for RuneScape 3 private server fans all over the world.
    And has soon become the go-to for the best evolution of combat experience.

    Enjoy high accurate and detailed content from a knowledgeable and community driven developer.
    Take your hand at our vasts amounts of content from the likes of Telos the Warden, Araxxor, Vorago and even The Magister.
    All fully coded with their correct mechanics.

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    Join today and start your biggest adventure yet!