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    Update 2.0 Hello guys, it's update time! and this may just be our biggest and best update yet. As many of you may know combat hasn't always been our strongest point and well quite frankly let the server down. So over the last week or so i have been working solely on combat, dedicating many hours to rewrite and adjust our current system in Cywir. In this update expect smooth dynamic combat with fluid flawless transitions between abilities on both manual and revolution. You will see and feel the difference immediately engaging and swapping targets has never felt better. It's now easier and smooth the engage and move around your target, action bars, abilities, prayers have all be made super responsive so that you feel fully emerged whilst in combat! Enjoy combat like you never have before! No more delayed abilities, random auto-attacks, bad pathing whilst engaging targets and unbalanced hits. We have even introduced missing abilities such as tendrils, Barge, Tuska wrath and more. This update is certainly a big milestone for Cywir, and it couldn't of been better timed for our 2.0 update. I hope you enjoy this update and once again, thank you for sticking around and believing in us.
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    Update 1.9 Hello guys, it's update time! This time round the main focus was on providing a premium membership which you could rank up to gain additional benefits as a thank you for supporting us. So with this update a new store was needed, a complete rewrite of the current premium system. But that's not all that has been worked on no, there's more! We welcomed a new and improved hiscores,website improvements and server wide bug fixes requested by you guys!
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    Development Blog Hi guys, Hope you are all well! This is just a short introduction in what to expect from me in terms of the development for Cywir, In these blog i will talk about development plans, content ideas etc. There will be polls, Rewards for great ideas and more. The roadmap for Cywir will be quite interesting to say the least, The plan is to bring you guys a content packed enjoyable server to play on endlessly. At this moment a lot of my time is being pumped into the development of Invention and the new way to train dungeoneering. Development on both is going extremely well and i am happy with the progress and once they are out the way we will be able to move towards our alpha and beta stages. Once we have reached that stage things will really start to get exciting, As i will be able to introduce high tier group/solo bosses such as; - Nex: Angel of Death - Mazcab Raids - Telos I plan to make the content i add enjoyable and balanced for all party sizes meaning you can still do them without having a substantial amount of players online. This means you can enjoy the content in smaller groups. I would love to be able to share all i am working on currently but i wish to keep some of my content under lock and key for obvious reasons. But here are some teasers of what's being worked on currently. Disassembly; Bank Wealth Evaluator; That's all for now. Scythe.
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    Requirements: Level 80 Attack. Level 43 Prayer. Tier 80 weapons. Any armour. Suggested: Chaotic Maul or Chaotic Crossbows Level 71 Prayer for deflect Melee & Ranged. Tier 70+ Armour. Why to do this boss: Vindicta & Gorvek drop a ton of supplies and one of the most useful weapons in the game; the Dragonrider Lance! It's required to unlock Telos. Phase 1(Vindicta) 100K Hitpoints: Believe it or not, but this phase is likely harder than the later phase, if you're unaware of the pattern you will be eating up so much damage it's unreal. Although it's a bit different from Runescape as it doesn't seem to have a rockfall move, the rockfall isn't what is risky. The pattern is as follows: 3x Auto-Attack > Hurricane > 2x Auto-Attack > Dragonfire. For Hurricane I'd suggest using Devotion or Resonance but it's really not that needed, just protect melee and you'll be fine. Dragonfire is a magic area of effect move that will cause big purple fire walls to appear on the floor as Gorvek comes flying down breathing fire onto the battlefield. The easiest was to avoid the dragonfire is to wait until the second auto-attack hits and then just run down 2 and side 2. Players fighting Vindicta in the first phase with Dragonbreath on the field Phase 2(Vindicta & Gorvek) 100K Hitpoints: In phase two Vindicta will hop on Gorvek for his final 100K of health. Phase 2 can get a little overwhelming for newer less practiced players, but it's actually much easier to pay attention to but does require some level of focus. You will need to switch between prayers, specifically protect melee and protect ranged, these are colour coded for easier understanding, ranged is green and melee is yellow. His pattern is: 1x Melee Attack > 1x Ranged Attack > 1x Melee Attack > Retreating Dragonbreath The ranged attack can be a little delayed, so hold your protect from ranged or deflect from ranged until you actually see the deflect or hit icon show up. The same rules apply for the dragon breath, you see them retreat, walk down 2 steps and side 2 steps, this will avoid every kind of fire regardless. Players fighting Gorvek & Vindicta in phase 2. Good luck with your bossing, that's all you need to know! If you have any questions about any bosses please feel free to give me a DM in game or on Discord!
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    Update 1.8 It's update week, and this one is a big one to say the least! In this weeks patch we will welcome a whole host of updates of which include, Telos the Warden, Nex rework, New home, New shops and general QoL changes to combat etc. Telos the Warden The newest and most deadliest foe is now in public testing, the fight itself is in a good enough state for you to fight on the live server. All 5 phases are available pat 100% enrage, please report any issues with Telos directly to me. Nex rework The long awaited return of Nex is here, the fight itself has been completely reworked to replicate RS3. This has been added as an non instanced boss fight for now until i rewrite it further. New player hub We have finally moved to our new home location Burthorpe, the new home gives you access to new shops and assets located in and around Burthorpe. This will act as our new all-in-one player hub and is more new player friendly. Drop rate changes After some testing the drop rate changes are now live! You will now notice a considerable difference whilst hunting for drops, so long to those super long dry streaks! Patch notes:
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    October Newsletter It's already October and it is time for another monthly newsletter. In this months newsletter we will cover what is already planned this month so far, as well as what could be in the works with a little help from you guys. Lots of you have requested changes to the way you start out in Cywir as many of you find it to ironman like and not so fun at the beginning to get started. I just want to let you all know that i have heard you all loud and clear and change is on the way. In the first QoL patch we will welcome a new home, new shops, new areas to train and better drop rates. Yes you read it correctly BETTER DROP RATES! New home and shops We're moving to Burthorpe! our new all-in-one player hub. located just above taverley this medium to large town proved the most viable home for Cywir. This move gives players new and old better access to shops, skilling and more. A whole range of custom shops have been added from player requests, of which include; Gnome Shopkeeper's Armoury Sells low to medium tier melee/range/magic armor. Happy Heroes' H'emporium Sells main and off-hand Dragon Battleaxes & Dragon Maces Carwen Essencebinder Magical Runes Shop Sells all types of runes and tiaras. Gaius's Two-Handed Shop Sells 2H melee weapons. Alfred Stonemason's Construction Shop Sells low end construction supplies. Alison Elmshaper's Flying Arrow Fletching Shop Sells arrows shafts, feathers and bowstring Ayleth Beaststalker's Hunting Supplies Shop Sells all your hunting equipment. Head Farmer Jones's Farming Shop Sells all your farming needs and some beginner seeds to get you started. Jack Oval's crafting Shop Sells low end uncut gems. Marcus Everburn's Firemaking Shop Sells low end logs to get you started firemaking(low stock) Martin Steelweaver's Smithing Supplies Shop Sells low end bars to kick start you on smithing(low stock) Nicholas Angle's Fishing Shop Sells all your fishing equipment and feed, including living minerals! Poletax's Herblore Shop Sells all the hard to obtain secondaries to make PvM easier to do. Tobias Bronzearms's Mining Supplies Shop Sells Bronze to Rune pickaxe Will Oakfeller's Woodcutting Supplies Shop Sells Bronze to Rune hatchets. There has also been a host of thievable npcs added throughout Burthorpe and taverley to make thieving and obtaining certain seeds etc a lot easier. Drop rate fixes I have heard the pleas to end the dry streaks and change is on the way! in the next game update you should notice a substantial difference when PvMing in Cywir. rare and very rare drops have been buffed to dropped more frequently than previously but still maintain somewhat of a challenge to obtain. Keeping a nice balance in the economy. ------ Upcoming content poll As we move into the later half of the month i will start to look into more content development with two currently in mind. Which.. i need your help for, so above i have added a poll containing two ideas for a future update you would like me to work on. The content i would like you to vote on is; - The Arc (Skilling update) - - Rise of the Six (PvM update) - That's all for now, thank you for taking the time to read. Regards, Scythe.
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    Welcome to Developers Blog #3 It's been a while since i have had the time to do a developers blog, Trying to juggle work and developing a server can be hard at times. Especially when you want to develop the server more than you want to work! I have been working on some content which i think you guys will love, This will be Cywir first installment of T92 bossing. Introducing... Expect a different more challenging fight whilst taking on The Magister on Cywir. The fight itself on RuneScape 3 is underwhelming to say the least. That is why i opted for a fully custom boss fight with a multitude of abilities and mechanics to deal with, keeping you fully engaged in the boss fight. Did i mention it also supports duo mode? as well as solo. But that doesn't mean it doesn't come with its own pros and cons! Ability and mechanic summary Here i will go into some small detail of what mechanics to expect during The Magister fight, and what exactly they do. - Basic attack The Magister casts a purple beam of magical energy towards all players. (basics attacks are cast 5 times before triggering an special ability) Corruptive blast The Magister hurls a black ball of energy at the player which deals typeless damage. Soul bomb The Magister teleports to the player and rises up into the air charging his next ability, when fully charged The Magister will detonate and explode damaging anything in a 4x4 radius. Concurrent bombs The Magister shouts out "dodge this!" whilst stomping his staff releasing 3 randomly chosen targets per player and 1 targeted towards each player, each bomb deals damage between 2500-5000 and they can stack and affect all players within a 2x2 radius. (This AoE ability will effect all players, so please watch out for other players bombs.) Soul bind (Unique to duo mode only) -One of the players get their soul bound to the Magister resulting in all incoming damage to heal the magister by (damage*4) and your teammate gets damaged equally as much. Phase playout summary Now i will explain in little detail of how each phase will play out, giving you enough understanding without ruining the fight itself. All mechanics on phases are subject to change prior to public release. - Phase #1 Phase #1, The Magister will only have access to two abilities and will start the fight with 300K LP. The abilities are as follows; - Basic attack - - Corruptive blast - Phase #2 Phase #2, once The Magister reaches 250K LP phase #2 will begin, The magister will gain access to three abilities during this phase. The abilities are as follows; - Basic attack - - Corruptive blast - - Soul bomb - Phase #3 Phase #3, once you have reduced The Magister's health to 150K LP phase #3 will begin, This phase will prove the most difficult and you should be prepare for it. The magister will have access to four abilities during this phase and five abilities if in duo mode. The abilities are as follows; - Basic attack - - Corruptive blast - - Soul bomb - - Soul Bind (only in duo mode) - - Concurrent bombs - Phase#4 Phase #4, the phase of The Magister encounter, this phase will begin once The Magister reaches 50K LP and will have access to only three abilities during this phase. The abilities are as follows; - Basic attack - - Corruptive blast - - Concurrent bombs - When it will be released I plan to release The Magister very soon as testing the magister with players proved flawless and exactly what i wanted. Expect the update sometime this week. I will try to get a video up of the fight close to the release of it, showing you exactly what you are up against! Scythe.
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    Overview 1. Recent absence 2. Staff changes Recent Absence Hello guys, I hope you are all well! This is just a short post regarding my absence from developing the server. I recently started a job as junior developer, This job requires me to learn multiple new languages as well as a stockpile of work to complete for the next day. This proved hard to juggle as well as being fully committed to Cywir. But i want you to know that i am now in a routine with my work i am now able to commit time to developing the server. Starting from this week i will be back to fully supporting the growth and development of Cywir. As it stands now, I am currently working through the bug fixes and suggestions that you guys have submitted and you can expect patch notes later this week. As we move forward through September into October you can expect some new content to drop as well as reworks of current content as we focus on packing and filling in the blanks. Here's an example of what's to come between September and October; - Magister - Custom fight - Araxxor/Araxxi rework - Vorago rework - Nex rework Like always anytime i develop content you will be able to follow the progress via a Development Blog where i document what i am working on. Staff Changes We recently opened a Server Support role for players to apply for. I would like to congratulate @Cinema on filling this role. I believe he will be a great asset to the staff team of Cywir, He has supported the server since joining and continues too by helping new players and current ones. Welcome to the team @Cinema! Scythe.
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    Update 1.6 - 18/09/2019 Summary The updates today contain some fixes addressing issues with the server and new account creations as well as some QoL fixes requested by players. I am still trying to catch up with myself development wise, Expect more updates to follow in due course. [+]Fixed Server related errors Over the last week or two Cywir has experienced some log in issues, This was mainly because of the way i handled certain code and data. Here is what i have now addressed; Fixed a issue with players logging in and automatically being set to x3 experience. Made changes to the way the server handles data to ensure a smoother playing experience. Changed to way the server handles first login and account creation to try ensure we don't experience any more issues regarding this. Removed the chat-block on players passwords. Wyrmfire potions Players reported issues regarding the use of wyrmfire potions and them not lasting for the full 6 minutes. Wyrmfire potions now act correctly. Ripper demons Players reported experiencing ripper demons disappearing out of nowhere or performing a special attack while not being in combat. Ripper demons now reappear after performing the jump special. Ripper demons no longer perform the special attack whilst out of combat. Boss pets It was brought to attention that players were able to receive duplicate pets and following that would cause issues. Players who accidentally claimed duplicate boss pets are now able to reuse the pets as intended. Players who actively have unclaimed duplicate pets can't claim them anymore. [+]Added Prifddinas Bonfire functionality Players reported not being able to use the bonfires in Prifddinas. You can now toggle to add logs to the bonfire. You can now toggle to cook on the bonfire. More updates to follow in the next few days.
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    Update 1.5 - 01/09/2019 [+] Added New voting system As some of you may know the voting has been a real pain the backside since launch with problems with callbacks etc. So i have opted to move to everything.rs voting api, you can now vote on a multitude of sites and be rewarded for doing so. http://cywir.everythingrs.com/services/vote Rewards Answering some the calls of players vote rewards yield crates/packs of perishables like herblore ingredients and construction materials etc. These rewards come in two different sizes small and large ranging from 5 to 10 points. These skills supported are as follows; Construction Crafting Farming Herblore Summoning Fletching These crates come in different crate sizes and yield valuable skilling items essential for PvM etc.. There is also additional rewards such as; Bond (Untradable) Key token So you are now able to have the chance to enjoy premium/donation benefits without having to reach into your pockets. Vyrewatch It seems some of you guys were struggling to complete your Vyrewatch task Added Vyrewatch spawns in Burgh de rott Closed Meiyerditch for future content [+] Fixed Summoning pouch creation Players reported issues relating to creating summoning familiar pouches Pouches now require the right amount of shards present Death swiftness and Sunshine ability Players reported some suspicious deaths of their pets and familiars in Cywir Death swiftness and Sunshine ability should no longer kill your beloved pets and familiars Ectofuntus Players reported not being able to use certain bones on the ectofuntus You should now be able to do so Smithing level / armour stand It seems some of you have been paying over the odds when it comes to repairing your armour! Repairing at a armour stand will now take into account your smithing level and give you some juicy discount Item smuggle / counter heist It seems some of you have been upto no good, making trouble in my neighbourhood! You can no longer smuggle untradeables to each other via placing them on counter tops or tables. Strykewyrms - Jungle, Desert, Ice, Lava Well what can i say, they are pesky little things! it seems they have been using their special attack to often! You should no longer experience excessive borrowing from Strykewyrms
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    DISCLAIMER THIS IS WHAT I'M GOING TO DO TO START. IT IS THE MOST EFFICIENT WAY TO BEGIN BOSSING QUICKLY IN MY OPINION. also any iron men please refer to this created by @Tokai Hello everyone! Welcome to my starter guide. I've had a few players come to me and ask how to start off and I haven't been able to give them a direct answer. Well here's a nice way to start off if you're new:) The only useful command is ;;menu and it brings up everything. Also examining an NPC not in combat will reveal its drop table as well as a drop sample of 100 kills. To change prayers and spellbooks click the tome! To teleport around the map use the teleport portal! There are all kinds of shops at home. For every skill. Here are what they are! PVM Armour / Supplies Shops are north of home in the games room. Combat Armour Shop: Smithing Shop!: Crafting Shop!: Magic Shop!: Loyalty Point Shop!: Melee Weapon Shop!: Herblore Shop!: Firemaking Shop!: Fletching Shop!: Hunter Shop!: Fishing Shop!: Construction Shop!: Level 1 Slayer Master!: Summoning Shop!: Farming Shop!: Starting Off. 1: The Beginning. When you first start off. There will be 4 things you need to grab. After you make your character. click these 3 armour stands and the food stand located right beside you If you right click the bank chest and select "Collect" you can open the Grand Exchange. Once you've gotten your starter, bank your items. Refer to my God Statues guide here. Go to each God Statue and build them for free Slayer and Construction XP. Here's the locations of the God Statues. Also always do Warbands, Warbands give tons of experience or even coins starting off and can be a great way to help start off, refer to my Warbands guide here > 2: Starting Off. Recently, I've been told that people have trouble making money. So I made an entire Money Making Guide! check it out here > Personally, I like to get skill stuff out of the way. If you are not one of these people. skip to part 3. As this server is highly self sufficient in the beginning, you should definitely start off with Fishing and Cooking. For a simple Fishing guide. I'd recommend 1-40 doing shrimp and anchovies in Draynor Village. ( Speak to Lady Deathknell > Skilling teleports > Fishing and Cooking > Draynor Village ) 40-76 Fishing do Lobsters in the Fishing Guild. ( Speak to Lady Deathknell > Skilling teleports > Fishing and Cooking > Fishing Guild. ) 76-90 Fishing do Sharks in the Fishing Guild. ( Speak to Lady Deathknell > Skilling teleports > Fishing and Cooking > Fishing Guild. ) 90+ Fishing do either Cavefish or Rocktail in the Living Rock Caverns. (These will also be a GREAT money maker if you sell them in the GE) You can buy fishing bait from the fishing shop at home! Once you get the Fish you need. I recommend getting Cooking Gauntlets so you don't have to burn all of your fish and waste them. Please refer to my Cooking Gauntlet Guide here > Once you've gotten your Cooking Gauntlets you can cook all of your food and you'll be ready for Part 3!!! 3: PVM. Once you've gotten your food, or you think you don't need food. You can now begin PvM! I recommend always starting off with magic because you can get Lunar Gear. refer to my Lunar Gear guide> You can either do Slayer or go straight to Elite Dungeoneering. Elite Dungeoneering off the rip isn't good combat XP but it's a little easier than when you're doing it at a high level. Elite Dungeoneering is a custom Dungeoneering created by our very own @Scythe In Elite Dungeoneering. You can get there by speaking to Lady Deathknell and Teleporting to Elite Dungeoneering. Once you get here there are 2 portals. There's usually 30 or so Npcs in the blue portal and 60 in the red portal. There are 5 things that happen when in Elite Dungeoneering. Defensive Aura: Gives 50% Damage Protection. Poison Cloud: Will harm you if you stand inside it. Explosion: Will get an alert saying there's going to be an explosion. Stand inside the circle to avoid damage. Healing Aura: Heals you while you stand inside of it Damage Aura: Damages you while you stand inside of it. There's a killcount at the top saying how many kills you have left. Once you kill them all it'll say this. Once you finish the kills, click the portal at the end of the dungeon and you'll be taken to the rewards room The bigger chest is the rewards chest and the smaller chest is a bank chest that you can use. To re-enter dungeoneering simply use the red portal. If you don't die you'll get more xp and more rewards from the chest. There's a chance to get T70 Hybrid armour as well so make sure not to die! You can do this to level 80 which by then you'll have enough for a Chaotic of your choice. Once you get the Chaotic you want, you can teleport to Godwars Dungeon (Low Tier Bosses > Godwars Dungeon ) Kill the npcs in here and if you're lucky you'll get Warpriest. Currently all Warpriest works the same by if you have a full set, you have a chance to negate 90% of damage. If you kill the imp you can get warpriest pretty easily as it's the weakest npc in the dungeon. Once you get your warpriest you're free to do whatever you want to. Reminder this is simply a starting off guide, this isn't supposed to be detailed or help you get everything you need. Just things to start off. Hope this guide can help you and good luck everyone!!!
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    I believe I should be chosen cause I have no lifed RS3 RSPS in the past and have found and broke servers with dupe bugs, XP bugs, boss glitches, and broken shops that gave infinite gold. I also am on summer break and have all the time in the world, and I am friends with one of the current alpha testers and we already have great teamwork. This will allow both of us to do bosses more efficiently and go further into the PvMing content to make sure nothing is bugged, everything works as intended and no game breaking safespots or game breaking ways to kill a boss
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    Some of it does require a lot of RNG and isn't exactly in my control, but hey, if someone beats me, then I'll mark it orange and give the person who did it first credit:) as for everything else. I'm a grinder and I fully believe I could do a lot of this stuff easily.
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    Ha! What a nerd. ❤️
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    I would love to challenge you on a few of those goals😈 But it'll be hard to be the first one on everything. Maybe remove that part😋 Anyways goodluck on your goals bud🙏🏽😎
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    This is getting more and more exciting each and everytime i see you post an update. Keep up the fantastic work!
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    Everything is looking so good so far and im digging it. Cant wait to see what else you got up your sleeve there
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    Looks really good, looking forward to the beta!
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    Fantastic updates. keep them coming!
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    Everything is looking excellent so far! I can't wait for this to be in a playable state.
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    Update Log 1.39 [Friday 10th May 2019]; /** Added daily Giant Oyster D&D, Locked behind total level requirement. Added Giant oyster teleport to minigames. Finished skillcape perks and interface, now fully functional. Dumped all combat definitions for AOD. Started work on instancing for AOD. Added prayer and magic book selection to father Aereck in lumbridge. **/
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    Update Log 1.38 [Wednesday 8th May 2019]; /** Fixed a graphical issue with lava strykewyrm attack. Fixed a graphical issue with acheron Mammoth ice attack. Fixed a functionality issue with acheron Mammoth combat. All hairstyles including premium hairstyles are now unlocked by default. Added skilling pets and updated drop announcements. All pets now automatically redeem and are sent to the pet interface. Added missing Defenders effect, They now have a 1/15 chance of blocking 50-100% of damage from the attack & granting 20% bonus accuracy on the next attack. Started work on Skillcape perks, Added all passive effects to skillcapes. Started work on adding skillcapes to expert,max and comp capes. **/
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    Premium membership and tier breakdown Donation ranks on Cywir work a bit differently to your usual rank system in rsps. The system we use is called, Premium. An upgradeable affordable donation rank system consisting of a total of 25 tiers all with their different benefits and perks. The way you obtain premium membership is simple, you can either redeem bonds at 3:1 ratio for 1 tier or you can buy a full tier directly from the donation store. Each tier milestone has it perks and benefits and it's down to you to find the one that suits you best. Below you can find the full breakdown of Premium tiers. I hope this helps you, and thank you in advance for supporting us.
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    Official Rules of Cywir. Here at Cywir we take rules very seriously, We believe in trying to providing a fun and enjoyable environment free from negative people and their negative effects. But unfortunately as much as we would like to we sometimes can't prevent this from happening, But what we can do is warn you what will happen if you do not abide by the Rules set in place to protect other players. We reserve the right the change the rules at anytime. In-Game & Forums rules Bullying, Racial hate & Discrimination A matter that can change a person's life, Treat people fairly and equally. Under no circumstances should you put someone down or engage in racial slur. This is a serious matter and comes with severe consequences. Bug Abuse If you are found to be abusing a bug or issue that you have found or been told about and failed to report it, And will result in severe consequences. Misuse of mechanics or bugs in the game gives you an unfair advantage and not only affects the integrity of the game, it affects the players too. Advertising Advertising other servers or websites in any form is strictly against our rules and will result in instant dismissal from the server and forums. We have a strong system in place to deter this from happening but in some cases this may be avoided. Macroing/Botting/3rd Party software The use of any game enhancing or AFK training software is strictly forbidden and will be result in severe consequences, Using any kind of said software doesn't go unnoticed and gives you an unfair advantage to other players and that is something we will not tolerate in Cywir. Staff Harassment Our staff teams words are final, Don't continue to question or dictate their decisions. If you would like to appeal an issue that happened in-game simple report it and we will resolve it. Scamming Scamming, luring it's all the same, Just don't do it. Trying to manipulate trades, lure people into the wild or generally trying to benefit from their mistakes breaches our terms and will be dealt with accordingly. Staff Impersonation Impersonating a staff member is strictly forbidden, And will be dealt with accordingly. If they do not have a silver crown or gold crown next to their name but continue to insist they are simply report them straight to us. Real World Trading Selling accounts and items to gain real life profits is strictly forbidden. Doing so threatens the integrity of the game and will result in complete dismissal from Cywir. Spamming/Trolling/flaming We are all partial to the occasional hiccup but do not abuse this, understand other players are here to enjoy themselves not just you. So try refrain from doing so.
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