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  1. Welcome to Cywir, even though you ain't new!
  2. Staff update 1.1 Thank you for your applications for Server Support role on Cywir, the application process is now closed and i have made a decision. The newly appointed staff team is; Moderators: Sun Tokai Server supports: Dani Saucy Demoted: Cinema Thanks, Scythe.
  3. Scythe

    Hi im new!

    Welcome to Cywir Sam!
  4. Happy New Year! It's been an amazing 5 months for Cywir and it couldn't have been done without you guys! Of course there has been some ups and downs since we launched but we're on the right track to being the biggest and the best. You can expect some massive changes to be announced as we progress through the new year. As we pick up projects which we shelved in 2019 you should prepare yourself to be blown away with what we have in store. All this will be discussed in further detail once the festive celebrations subside and development is turned up a notch. From me and all the staff team at Cywir, We wish you the best and most fun filled new year! Scythe.
  5. Event reschedule The community event "Community PvM Bonanza 2" will now be taking place on Sunday 22nd December 2019 @ 8PM GMT This is due to other more important commitments. Thank you.
  6. Community PvM Bonanza 2 It was so nice we have to do it twice! Community PvM boss mass round 2! After the last turn out it would be rude not to set up another, everyone seemed to enjoy it and quite a few drops came in too! Sunday 22nd December 2019 8:00PM GMT The event will start from 8PM and we will spend at least one hour at each boss. This event is run by @Nox and @Cinema and will be run from Nox's Friends Chat.
  7. Update 2.3 - part 1 This will be merged with a much larger patch notes.
  8. Community PvM event Hi guys hope you are all well! Today (Friday 13th December) we host a community PvM event, where we will all get together to take on whichever boss gets voted in our discord channel over a strawpoll. The event will start from around 8:00 PM GMT and will continue to run until everyone gets bored or lack of interest. This event will be perfect for new and old players wanting to take on some of our group bosses or wanting to learn how to defeat them etc. For this event the server will be updated unlocking the ability for ironman account to join regular player instances, i know you all want to PvM together so this change will be happening as well as the ability to dung with ironman account. See you tomorrow for our PvM bonanza! @Nox & @Cinema
  9. Scythe

    Update 2.2

    Update 2.2 Its that time again, update time! The long awaited premium extension, premium benefits, premium zone and christmas event is here! Along with a whole host of bug fixes and changes requested by the community. We've also updated the way you play Cywir, we've added new shops located north of home in the castle which allow our regular players to dive straight into pvm without having to grind indefinitely for gear! with this change it also makes ironman a little more of a challenge than it previously was.
  10. Scythe

    Christmas Event

    Christmas event It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's christmas! And it's time for our first Christmas event! this christmas event will have two types of rewards, one being personal and the second being a community pot which you must all work together to complete. The first being a present from Santa from under the Christmas tree! once every 24 hours you can collect a random present from a prize pool. And if you have been really good you might just get some uber rares! The second event is a community event, this part of the christmas event requires help from all Cywirs little helpers. You must help Santa collect snowballs! snowballs can be obtained via skilling and PvM and can be sent of to lapland via the Well of Goodwill. Below is the breakdown of how many you need to collect and deposit as a community and the milestone in which you unlock rewards! I hope you all enjoy this event and merry christmas!
  11. Staff update 1.0 Thank you for your applications for Server Support role on Cywir, the application process is now closed and i have made a decision. The newly appointed server support and staff team member is @Tokai. Congratulations! Your position will be applied next game update. To the other applicants, all your applications we're brilliant but based of discussions between my team and my experience with Tokai is that he was the right applicant at this time. Please do not feel discouraged to apply again when applications re-open. Thanks, Scythe.
  12. Welcome to Cywir Mason, Enjoy your stay!
  13. Hello, In this video we showcase the middle path of our full Araxxor encounter. The rotation is minions + acid and the choice of combat style is melee. You may notice me panic on p4, it got a bit rough!
  14. Hello, In this video we showcase the top path of our full Araxxor encounter. The rotation is minions + darkness and the choice of combat style is melee.
  15. Scythe

    Update 2.1

    Update 2.1 It's update time! This week we focused on QoL and bug fixes requested by the community. This patch mainly contains fixes to client crashes, divination and combat pathing as well various of changes and fixes to improve the way you play with us.