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  1. Custom Magister T92 boss encounter, exclusive to Cywir.
  2. Scythe

    887 | Cywir

    Version 1.0.0


    Build: 1.0 Release: 10/08/2019
  3. Scythe

    Update 1.8

    Update 1.8 It's update week, and this one is a big one to say the least! In this weeks patch we will welcome a whole host of updates of which include, Telos the Warden, Nex rework, New home, New shops and general QoL changes to combat etc. Telos the Warden The newest and most deadliest foe is now in public testing, the fight itself is in a good enough state for you to fight on the live server. All 5 phases are available pat 100% enrage, please report any issues with Telos directly to me. Nex rework The long awaited return of Nex is here, the fight itself has been completely reworked to replicate RS3. This has been added as an non instanced boss fight for now until i rewrite it further. New player hub We have finally moved to our new home location Burthorpe, the new home gives you access to new shops and assets located in and around Burthorpe. This will act as our new all-in-one player hub and is more new player friendly. Drop rate changes After some testing the drop rate changes are now live! You will now notice a considerable difference whilst hunting for drops, so long to those super long dry streaks! Patch notes:
  4. October Newsletter It's already October and it is time for another monthly newsletter. In this months newsletter we will cover what is already planned this month so far, as well as what could be in the works with a little help from you guys. Lots of you have requested changes to the way you start out in Cywir as many of you find it to ironman like and not so fun at the beginning to get started. I just want to let you all know that i have heard you all loud and clear and change is on the way. In the first QoL patch we will welcome a new home, new shops, new areas to train and better drop rates. Yes you read it correctly BETTER DROP RATES! New home and shops We're moving to Burthorpe! our new all-in-one player hub. located just above taverley this medium to large town proved the most viable home for Cywir. This move gives players new and old better access to shops, skilling and more. A whole range of custom shops have been added from player requests, of which include; Gnome Shopkeeper's Armoury Sells low to medium tier melee/range/magic armor. Happy Heroes' H'emporium Sells main and off-hand Dragon Battleaxes & Dragon Maces Carwen Essencebinder Magical Runes Shop Sells all types of runes and tiaras. Gaius's Two-Handed Shop Sells 2H melee weapons. Alfred Stonemason's Construction Shop Sells low end construction supplies. Alison Elmshaper's Flying Arrow Fletching Shop Sells arrows shafts, feathers and bowstring Ayleth Beaststalker's Hunting Supplies Shop Sells all your hunting equipment. Head Farmer Jones's Farming Shop Sells all your farming needs and some beginner seeds to get you started. Jack Oval's crafting Shop Sells low end uncut gems. Marcus Everburn's Firemaking Shop Sells low end logs to get you started firemaking(low stock) Martin Steelweaver's Smithing Supplies Shop Sells low end bars to kick start you on smithing(low stock) Nicholas Angle's Fishing Shop Sells all your fishing equipment and feed, including living minerals! Poletax's Herblore Shop Sells all the hard to obtain secondaries to make PvM easier to do. Tobias Bronzearms's Mining Supplies Shop Sells Bronze to Rune pickaxe Will Oakfeller's Woodcutting Supplies Shop Sells Bronze to Rune hatchets. There has also been a host of thievable npcs added throughout Burthorpe and taverley to make thieving and obtaining certain seeds etc a lot easier. Drop rate fixes I have heard the pleas to end the dry streaks and change is on the way! in the next game update you should notice a substantial difference when PvMing in Cywir. rare and very rare drops have been buffed to dropped more frequently than previously but still maintain somewhat of a challenge to obtain. Keeping a nice balance in the economy. ------ Upcoming content poll As we move into the later half of the month i will start to look into more content development with two currently in mind. Which.. i need your help for, so above i have added a poll containing two ideas for a future update you would like me to work on. The content i would like you to vote on is; - The Arc (Skilling update) - - Rise of the Six (PvM update) - That's all for now, thank you for taking the time to read. Regards, Scythe.
  5. Scythe

    Update 1.7

    Cywir, I would like to firstly thank you all for all for your patience on updates and fixes, sometimes it can become quite challenging being a solo developer and i would like to thank you all for sticking around whilst i work on bringing you content, fixes etc. In this update log we welcome a whole host of updates including a new custom T92 boss encounter, The Magister as well as fixes and adjustments to combat and QoL and bug fixes requested by the community. Thank you to our content testers for making sure The Magister is the best it can be and for helping balance it for all players. Note: I am trialling this new update layout so please let me know in the comment section if you prefer it. The Magister A fully custom solo/duo boss encounter exclusive to Cywir, Have you got what it takes? To start the encounter you must make your way to the end of sophanem dungeon and make you way through The First Gate and approach the obelisk, You will need a Key of the crossing to initiate the fight. Once you initiate the fight using a Key of the Crossing The Magister will spawn, He will have access to a multitude of mechanics which you have to deal with, of which include; Basic attack - The Magister casts a purple beam of magical energy towards all players. (basics attacks are cast 5 times before triggering an special ability) Corruptive blast - The Magister hurls a black ball of energy at the player which deals typeless damage. Soul bomb - The Magister teleports to the player and rises up into the air charging his next ability, when fully charged The Magister will detonate and explode damaging anything in a 4x4 radius. Concurrent bombs - The Magister shouts out "dodge this!" whilst stomping his staff releasing 3 randomly chosen targets per player and 1 targeted towards each player, each bomb deals damage between 2500-5000 and they can stack and affect all players within a 2x2 radius. (This AoE ability will affect all players, so please watch out for other players bombs.) Soul Bind (unique to duo mode only) - One of the players get their soul bound to the Magister resulting in all incoming damage to heal the magister by (damage*4) and your teammate gets damaged equally as much. The Magister fight consist of 300,000 LP spread over 5 phases, each phase he will have access to different abilities and mechanics for the full break down click here. Misc changes and features to The Magister Minister can now be claimed from soul fragment. Minister is now fully functioning as a pet. Magister now has a charge bar during his soul bomb attack. Magister fight can now be re-started by using a key to the crossing on the obelisk. Resonance can now be used on the following magister attacks.(Corruptive Blast,Soul Bomb). Made some modifications to the mechanics of the magister thanks to our content testers. Combat rework Overdue and well needed fixes and adjustments to combat to improve QoL whilst playing Cywir. Full manual combat Global ability cooldown now works correctly when using full manual. Keybinds on the actionbar are now fully responsive whilst using full manual. Revolution++ combat The action barbar is now fully responsive when using revolution. Keybinds whilst using revolution used to be very unresponsive especially when changing prayers via action bar. They should now be fully responsive when using this combat mode. Made overall adjustments to ability queuing whilst using revolution. Soulsplit Players reported issues regarding soulsplit and it not healing sufficiently Using this prayer should now prove viable to use again as the healing and overall functionality has been reworked. Misc fixes and changes to current features and content Minor bug fixes and QoL updates requested by the community. Fixed Araxxi's corpse now yields rewards to each participating player. Slayer task streak no longer reset when cancelling via slayer master. Fixed an issue with banking that caused an item to be deleted. Fixed an issue with banking degradable items using the bank all option. Fixed some graphics which were displaying in the incorrect position. Fixed an issue with opening manufacturing menu which caused the client to lag. Changes Decreased amount of clicks required to break free from araxxor/araxxi cocoon. Corrupted gem is now required to create a corrupted slayer helmet. Increased the drop rates of all ascension keystones from minions. Increased vorago's range when triggering the first maul piece interaction. Added Khopesh of the kharidian can now be obtained when receiving loot into your sophanem chest. Skilling Backpack has been added to the Cywir store (30000 charges and 5% xp boost per charge). Regards, Scythe
  6. Welcome to Developers Blog #3 It's been a while since i have had the time to do a developers blog, Trying to juggle work and developing a server can be hard at times. Especially when you want to develop the server more than you want to work! I have been working on some content which i think you guys will love, This will be Cywir first installment of T92 bossing. Introducing... Expect a different more challenging fight whilst taking on The Magister on Cywir. The fight itself on RuneScape 3 is underwhelming to say the least. That is why i opted for a fully custom boss fight with a multitude of abilities and mechanics to deal with, keeping you fully engaged in the boss fight. Did i mention it also supports duo mode? as well as solo. But that doesn't mean it doesn't come with its own pros and cons! Ability and mechanic summary Here i will go into some small detail of what mechanics to expect during The Magister fight, and what exactly they do. - Basic attack The Magister casts a purple beam of magical energy towards all players. (basics attacks are cast 5 times before triggering an special ability) Corruptive blast The Magister hurls a black ball of energy at the player which deals typeless damage. Soul bomb The Magister teleports to the player and rises up into the air charging his next ability, when fully charged The Magister will detonate and explode damaging anything in a 4x4 radius. Concurrent bombs The Magister shouts out "dodge this!" whilst stomping his staff releasing 3 randomly chosen targets per player and 1 targeted towards each player, each bomb deals damage between 2500-5000 and they can stack and affect all players within a 2x2 radius. (This AoE ability will effect all players, so please watch out for other players bombs.) Soul bind (Unique to duo mode only) -One of the players get their soul bound to the Magister resulting in all incoming damage to heal the magister by (damage*4) and your teammate gets damaged equally as much. Phase playout summary Now i will explain in little detail of how each phase will play out, giving you enough understanding without ruining the fight itself. All mechanics on phases are subject to change prior to public release. - Phase #1 Phase #1, The Magister will only have access to two abilities and will start the fight with 300K LP. The abilities are as follows; - Basic attack - - Corruptive blast - Phase #2 Phase #2, once The Magister reaches 250K LP phase #2 will begin, The magister will gain access to three abilities during this phase. The abilities are as follows; - Basic attack - - Corruptive blast - - Soul bomb - Phase #3 Phase #3, once you have reduced The Magister's health to 150K LP phase #3 will begin, This phase will prove the most difficult and you should be prepare for it. The magister will have access to four abilities during this phase and five abilities if in duo mode. The abilities are as follows; - Basic attack - - Corruptive blast - - Soul bomb - - Soul Bind (only in duo mode) - - Concurrent bombs - Phase#4 Phase #4, the phase of The Magister encounter, this phase will begin once The Magister reaches 50K LP and will have access to only three abilities during this phase. The abilities are as follows; - Basic attack - - Corruptive blast - - Concurrent bombs - When it will be released I plan to release The Magister very soon as testing the magister with players proved flawless and exactly what i wanted. Expect the update sometime this week. I will try to get a video up of the fight close to the release of it, showing you exactly what you are up against! Scythe.
  7. Scythe

    DoubleXP weekend

    As a thank you for sticking around, I am happy to announce the first double XP weekend on Cywir. Double XP will run from Friday 20th September, 5PM GMT until Monday 23rd September, 5PM GMT. Double XP will commence in; Expired Scythe
  8. Scythe

    Update 1.6

    Update 1.6 - 18/09/2019 Summary The updates today contain some fixes addressing issues with the server and new account creations as well as some QoL fixes requested by players. I am still trying to catch up with myself development wise, Expect more updates to follow in due course. [+]Fixed Server related errors Over the last week or two Cywir has experienced some log in issues, This was mainly because of the way i handled certain code and data. Here is what i have now addressed; Fixed a issue with players logging in and automatically being set to x3 experience. Made changes to the way the server handles data to ensure a smoother playing experience. Changed to way the server handles first login and account creation to try ensure we don't experience any more issues regarding this. Removed the chat-block on players passwords. Wyrmfire potions Players reported issues regarding the use of wyrmfire potions and them not lasting for the full 6 minutes. Wyrmfire potions now act correctly. Ripper demons Players reported experiencing ripper demons disappearing out of nowhere or performing a special attack while not being in combat. Ripper demons now reappear after performing the jump special. Ripper demons no longer perform the special attack whilst out of combat. Boss pets It was brought to attention that players were able to receive duplicate pets and following that would cause issues. Players who accidentally claimed duplicate boss pets are now able to reuse the pets as intended. Players who actively have unclaimed duplicate pets can't claim them anymore. [+]Added Prifddinas Bonfire functionality Players reported not being able to use the bonfires in Prifddinas. You can now toggle to add logs to the bonfire. You can now toggle to cook on the bonfire. More updates to follow in the next few days.
  9. Overview 1. Recent absence 2. Staff changes Recent Absence Hello guys, I hope you are all well! This is just a short post regarding my absence from developing the server. I recently started a job as junior developer, This job requires me to learn multiple new languages as well as a stockpile of work to complete for the next day. This proved hard to juggle as well as being fully committed to Cywir. But i want you to know that i am now in a routine with my work i am now able to commit time to developing the server. Starting from this week i will be back to fully supporting the growth and development of Cywir. As it stands now, I am currently working through the bug fixes and suggestions that you guys have submitted and you can expect patch notes later this week. As we move forward through September into October you can expect some new content to drop as well as reworks of current content as we focus on packing and filling in the blanks. Here's an example of what's to come between September and October; - Magister - Custom fight - Araxxor/Araxxi rework - Vorago rework - Nex rework Like always anytime i develop content you will be able to follow the progress via a Development Blog where i document what i am working on. Staff Changes We recently opened a Server Support role for players to apply for. I would like to congratulate @Cinema on filling this role. I believe he will be a great asset to the staff team of Cywir, He has supported the server since joining and continues too by helping new players and current ones. Welcome to the team @Cinema! Scythe.
  10. Scythe

    Update 1.5

    Update 1.5 - 01/09/2019 [+] Added New voting system As some of you may know the voting has been a real pain the backside since launch with problems with callbacks etc. So i have opted to move to voting api, you can now vote on a multitude of sites and be rewarded for doing so. Rewards Answering some the calls of players vote rewards yield crates/packs of perishables like herblore ingredients and construction materials etc. These rewards come in two different sizes small and large ranging from 5 to 10 points. These skills supported are as follows; Construction Crafting Farming Herblore Summoning Fletching These crates come in different crate sizes and yield valuable skilling items essential for PvM etc.. There is also additional rewards such as; Bond (Untradable) Key token So you are now able to have the chance to enjoy premium/donation benefits without having to reach into your pockets. Vyrewatch It seems some of you guys were struggling to complete your Vyrewatch task Added Vyrewatch spawns in Burgh de rott Closed Meiyerditch for future content [+] Fixed Summoning pouch creation Players reported issues relating to creating summoning familiar pouches Pouches now require the right amount of shards present Death swiftness and Sunshine ability Players reported some suspicious deaths of their pets and familiars in Cywir Death swiftness and Sunshine ability should no longer kill your beloved pets and familiars Ectofuntus Players reported not being able to use certain bones on the ectofuntus You should now be able to do so Smithing level / armour stand It seems some of you have been paying over the odds when it comes to repairing your armour! Repairing at a armour stand will now take into account your smithing level and give you some juicy discount Item smuggle / counter heist It seems some of you have been upto no good, making trouble in my neighbourhood! You can no longer smuggle untradeables to each other via placing them on counter tops or tables. Strykewyrms - Jungle, Desert, Ice, Lava Well what can i say, they are pesky little things! it seems they have been using their special attack to often! You should no longer experience excessive borrowing from Strykewyrms
  11. Reinstall the latest JDK, no one else has problems whilst using the client.
  12. Scythe

    Update 1.4

    Update 1.4 - 26/08/2019 [+]Added Loyalty point shop You are now able to access the Cywir Loyalty shop via Lady Deathknell The rewards are as follows; 5 Treasure hunter keys - 1000 LP 100 RuneCoins - 300 LP 1 Keepsake key 800 LP 1 Bond - 3000 LP Hype Train pet - 5000 LP The reason for these rewards is so that you feel rewarded for spending your time with us! Sunglasses - Treasure Hunter reward The option to "Change Type" is now functional You can now change sunglasses into multiple colours [+]Fixed Slayer cape perks Fixed multiple issues with Slayer cape perks You are no longer able to activate the slayer perks below level 99 slayer You can no longer use the cape to access Prifddinas without 1500 total Prifddinas house portal You are no longer able to change your house portal to Prifddinas in order to gain access to Prifddinas prematurely You now require 1500 total to use the option via estate agent Daily Challenges - Maple Logs Maple logs now count towards daily challenges Broad arrows Broad arrows now yield the correct amount of XP whilst fletching Sophanem Dungeon Fixed issues regarding all npcs drops in the Sophanem Dungeon Pack Yak - Winter storage scrolls Fixed issues regarding the functionality of the Winter Storage Scrolls for pack yaks You should now be able to use them correctly Friends chat - Ignore List Fixed a issue regarding removing players from Ignore List This should now work correctly Araxxi - Reaper Task Araxxi kills now counts toward your Reaper Task [+]Changes Treasure Goebies - World event Treasure Goebies loot ratio has now been increased A world message will be sent when Treasure Goebies has been killed and who it was killed by Treasure Goebies now give loot to the top 3 damaging players in a encounter Treasure Goebies now indicate when you are less then 50 tile radius from the event A waypoint indicator will be sent Added extra precautions to prevent misleading waypoints Experience Lamps - Treasure Hunter Halved the amount of experience that lamps used to reward by 50% Elite Dungeoneering - Teleporting Changed the way the ending of the dungeon plays out You now will be automatically teleported to the reward hub This change was made because players were sometimes experiencing problems when leaving the dungeon Trade logs - Behind the scenes Altered the way trade logs are handled so that i have more depth into what is being traded on Cywir
  13. Scythe

    Update 1.3

    Update 1.3 - 21/08/2019 [+]Added World Boss/Treasure Hunt - Geobie A new monster has appeared in Cywir, The goebie! The Goebie can spawn in any of the following locations; Kharidian Desert Morytania Misthalin Asgarnia Kandarin Tirannwn Wilderness The Geobie drops a multitude of skilling items as well as few other items.. The Geobie spawns hourly and will despawn unless in combat after 10 minutes The more players online the stronger the Goebie & the better the rewards [+]Fixed Cyclops Players reported issues with Cyclops attack and death animation This has now been fixed NPC dialogue Fixed a vast range of typos in player to npc dialogue NPC drops Updated a few reported missing drops on a number of mobs
  14. Scythe

    Update 1.2

    Update 1.2 - 20/08/2019 [+]Added Additional premium benefits(Tier 3+) Premium tiers 3+ can now access and utilize rocktail fishing spots located at lumbridge crater Premium tiers 3+ can now access and utilize magic trees located at lumbridge crater Liquid gold nymphs You are now able to speak to Liquid gold nymphs when they appear Liquid gold nymphs now reward the mining suit in the correct order Liquid gold nymphs now reward you with a random amount of gold bars when all pieces of the mining suit are acquired [+]Fixed Duplication bug Whilst doing regular checks of logs and accounts it was brought to my attention that a dupe was found and had been abused All items obtained through the duplication bug have now been removed from game and the account used for the abuse, wiped [+]Changes Area loot Made adjustments to the way area loot is handled This should now be even more smoother Testing messages removal Players reported seeing testing messages used to aid me whilst performing certain actions These have now been removed
  15. Scythe

    Update 1.1

    Update 1.1 - 19/08/2019 [+]Added Treasure Hunter rewards The long awaited update on Treasure Hunter rewards is now live [+]Fixed Area loot Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances area loot would not work or show up This should now work for all players Rune Dragons Fixed a issue relating to Rune Dragons respawning They should now respawn at correct rates Ripper Demons Fixed a issue relating to Ripper Demon mechanics This issue caused the server to null, This has now been fixed Lava Strykewyrms Players reported issues with the wyrms mechanics This should now be addressed Araxxi - Loot interface Some players were experiencing issues when sending loot to bank from Araxxi's corpse This should now be fixed and should send ALL your loot to the bank without issue Araxxi's corpse no longer yields duplicate loot Player combat Some players were experiencing slight issues with combat this has now been addressed Slayer Tasks Fixed a issue regarding certain slayer tasks You should no longer experience problems with said tasks Ava's accumulator Some players reported issues regarding the Arrow save ability of Ava's I have modified the rate and it should feel alot better now