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Update 2.1. now live!

Following up from update 2.1, Update 2.2 brings a massive premium extension, the long awaited premium zone, a christmas event and many fixes and changes requested by the community.
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  1. Scythe

    Update 2.2

    Update 2.2 Its that time again, update time! The long awaited premium extension, premium benefits, premium zone and christmas event is here! Along with a whole host of bug fixes and changes requested by the community. We've also updated the way you play Cywir, we've added new shops located north of home in the castle which allow our regular players to dive straight into pvm without having to grind indefinitely for gear! with this change it also makes ironman a little more of a challenge than it previously was.
  2. Scythe

    Christmas Event

    Christmas event It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's christmas! And it's time for our first Christmas event! this christmas event will have two types of rewards, one being personal and the second being a community pot which you must all work together to complete. The first being a present from Santa from under the Christmas tree! once every 24 hours you can collect a random present from a prize pool. And if you have been really good you might just get some uber rares! The second event is a community event, this part of the christmas event requires help from all Cywirs little helpers. You must help Santa collect snowballs! snowballs can be obtained via skilling and PvM and can be sent of to lapland via the Well of Goodwill. Below is the breakdown of how many you need to collect and deposit as a community and the milestone in which you unlock rewards! I hope you all enjoy this event and merry christmas!
  3. Staff update 1.0 Thank you for your applications for Server Support role on Cywir, the application process is now closed and i have made a decision. The newly appointed server support and staff team member is @Tokai. Congratulations! Your position will be applied next game update. To the other applicants, all your applications we're brilliant but based of discussions between my team and my experience with Tokai is that he was the right applicant at this time. Please do not feel discouraged to apply again when applications re-open. Thanks, Scythe.
  4. Welcome to Cywir Mason, Enjoy your stay!
  5. Hello, In this video we showcase the middle path of our full Araxxor encounter. The rotation is minions + acid and the choice of combat style is melee. You may notice me panic on p4, it got a bit rough!
  6. Hello, In this video we showcase the top path of our full Araxxor encounter. The rotation is minions + darkness and the choice of combat style is melee.
  7. Scythe

    Update 2.1

    Update 2.1 It's update time! This week we focused on QoL and bug fixes requested by the community. This patch mainly contains fixes to client crashes, divination and combat pathing as well various of changes and fixes to improve the way you play with us.
  8. Hey guys, i hope you are all well! Just a quick announcement regarding video and content creators and an open staff position. Video + Content creators We are starting a campaign to reach out to the RSPS YouTube community. There's a market out there and we aren't able to touch it without videos being created, i could go down the route of getting established RSPS YouTuber to make videos for us but i feel they generate the wrong kind of players. That is why i am making this post, i'm calling on you guys to create videos for us and post them to our YouTube Channel and Videos section on the Forums. We will ofcourse reward you for making these videos and give you ingame benefits for doing so! from roads to series to loot from.. we want them all. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please contact @Nox and he will discuss it further with you. Open staff position - Player Support Due to a rapid increase in players and added stress on to the current staff team i have opened up the application section on the forums. There is only one available Player Support position so please make your application to a high standard. The form in which you use to make your application is situated in the staff application section. Good luck.
  9. Scythe

    Update 2.0

    Update 2.0 Hello guys, it's update time! and this may just be our biggest and best update yet. As many of you may know combat hasn't always been our strongest point and well quite frankly let the server down. So over the last week or so i have been working solely on combat, dedicating many hours to rewrite and adjust our current system in Cywir. In this update expect smooth dynamic combat with fluid flawless transitions between abilities on both manual and revolution. You will see and feel the difference immediately engaging and swapping targets has never felt better. It's now easier and smooth the engage and move around your target, action bars, abilities, prayers have all be made super responsive so that you feel fully emerged whilst in combat! Enjoy combat like you never have before! No more delayed abilities, random auto-attacks, bad pathing whilst engaging targets and unbalanced hits. We have even introduced missing abilities such as tendrils, Barge, Tuska wrath and more. This update is certainly a big milestone for Cywir, and it couldn't of been better timed for our 2.0 update. I hope you enjoy this update and once again, thank you for sticking around and believing in us.
  10. Combat rework will roll out with this update when its ready. we recently set up a combat team to help us do so and have made substantial progress so far.
  11. Premium membership and tier breakdown Donation ranks on Cywir work a bit differently to your usual rank system in rsps. The system we use is called, Premium. An upgradeable affordable donation rank system consisting of a total of 25 tiers all with their different benefits and perks. The way you obtain premium membership is simple, you can either redeem bonds at 3:1 ratio for 1 tier or you can buy a full tier directly from the donation store. Each tier milestone has it perks and benefits and it's down to you to find the one that suits you best. Below you can find the full breakdown of Premium tiers. I hope this helps you, and thank you in advance for supporting us.
  12. November Newsletter Is it me or this year really flying by? I mean it's one month until christmas, crazy right! You know what else is crazy? what is in store this month. I have been watching and analyzing what you guys want in a RuneScape 3 private server and that it's not always about content. That this why this month i am going to solely focus bug fixes and QoL updates and giving you the server that you deserve. But i can't do it without the help of you guys! I need your support with providing me with detailed and in-depth bug reports so that i can act promptly on the reports and accurately fix the issues. I want to provide you the best RS3 experience possible and you can really help make this happen if we work as a team. The RS3 community is small as it is, that's why if we work and band together we can craft this server into what you want it to be. You can help the cause this month by reporting in as much detail as possible the issue that is bothering you by jumping across to our bug report section. Furthermore, Last month you voted in The Arc as the next big content addition and that will be happening, but not this month. It has been temporarily put on hold so that i can push forward what is planned this month. The Arc update will roll into December and possibly january depending on the complexity of the update. Once again, thank you for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. Regards, Scythe.
  13. Scythe

    Update 1.9

    Update 1.9 Hello guys, it's update time! This time round the main focus was on providing a premium membership which you could rank up to gain additional benefits as a thank you for supporting us. So with this update a new store was needed, a complete rewrite of the current premium system. But that's not all that has been worked on no, there's more! We welcomed a new and improved hiscores,website improvements and server wide bug fixes requested by you guys!