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  1. Nox

    The new guy

    Welcome to Cywir, Endless. hopefully see you ingame soon, if you need any direct support be sure to join our discord channel for the fastest responses.
  2. Welcome dude 🙂
  3. Official revision upgrade announcement Hi guys, hope you are all well. It's been a while since there has been an official post from either me or Scythe including updates and newsletters. But it is all for good reason. Over the last few months and weeks we halted any major development or support to the live server to make time for the development of a revision upgrade. Our current revision is 887 and from a development perspective it didn't leave us with many options content wise and we want to bring you something new and something that no one else is doing right. Behind the scenes we moved from 907, 909, and now the final revision available for Java. 910 1. This will be the final revision we move to and want this update to be the best it can be and we're devoting as much time as we can to make this the best high revision RuneScape 3 private server available. You can expect your Cywir experience to completely change upon the release of the 910 revision, We aim to rework and rebalance a vast majority of the server including how you start of in Cywir with an in-depth tutorial and options to add preset action bars picked out by our combat council to give you the very best head start for new players. Secondly combat as a whole will be completely reworked and balanced and thanks to all your reports over the weeks/months we know what is wrong and what needs fixing; From weapon accuracy rebalancing, ability tuning and action bar and multi action bar changes the way you engage with monsters in Cywir will be a lot more fluid and responsive ultimately giving you a better combat experience. Included in this update we will be making changes to some of our core features, including drop rates! (Yes we hear you loud and clear). All bosses and high level slayer monsters will have their individual drop rates giving us the ability to retune and balance them correctly. For example there will be no longer 300 kc dry kill streaks for a hilt at Araxxor and so on. As well as that we will be releasing with some notable content which includes, Mining and Smithing rework, Full Invention, Herblore and Farming extension (120), Elite Dungeons, RoTS and Clue scroll rework. We also have plans to rework a substantial part of our current content so that we can bring you an all around good experience upon the release of this update, with Araxxor, Vorago and Telos at the top of that list. There's so much more we plan to do but we will discuss that at a later date when there is more solid development progress been made. But rest assured this will be the most detailed and well thought update we have done so we cannot give you a release date as of yet but you can expect this sometime before Summer 2020 or earlier. some media is attached below.
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  5. Nox

    Christmas Event

    Milestone #1 reached. Log in to collect your first reward.
  6. Welcome Apple, Hope you enjoy your time with us!
  7. Nox

    Hey All

    Welcome dave the rave
  8. Late to the party, but welcome.