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  1. Pascal

    Update 1.2

    Thanks for adding some new prem features.
  2. Goodjob on this guide @Cinema, will definitely help out new players.
  3. Congratulations everyone. Wish ya'll the best of luck.
  4. Although I really really want to try and play this server, I'll just let go the alpha testing to more expierenced people. Still learning everything on rswiki about rs3 #Backtoschool Goodluck to everyone who applied!🙏🏽🏆
  5. I would love to challenge you on a few of those goals😈 But it'll be hard to be the first one on everything. Maybe remove that part😋 Anyways goodluck on your goals bud🙏🏽😎
  6. So, where is everyone from? Just being curious! I am from The Netherlands 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱 How about you?
  7. Pascal


    Welcome Kevin, Been playing since 2009? That was the year I was finally able to quit, after an addiction of ~6/7 years I guess haha. Hope to see you ingame 🙂
  8. Pascal


    Welcome Garrett! Hope to see you ingame soon😎!
  9. Hi guys, I am PascaI and from The Netherlands!🙏🏽 Quit rs at 2009 I think.. Havn't played anything rs related since last month. Found an ad on Facebook about a new rsps. Pretty
  10. Looks great so far! Really excited. Can't wait to test this out!