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  1. Hello everyone, I've had many people tell me that they don't know how to make money on Cywir and that it is hard to start out, so here is an in-depth money making guide for all players new or old of Cywir. On Cywir you can make money by doing PVM or Skilling. Low Level Money Making - 1. Voting. When you vote for Cywir, you can get 150,000 coins per 5 points using ;;reward 13 ingame. Assuming the player votes on all sites twice, you can get 36 vote points every 24 hours meaning you can get 1.05m a day. 2. Daily Skilling Task. When you first create an account on Cywir, you'll get a message of your Daily Skilling Task in the Chatbox, it'll look like this. When you complete a daily challenge, you'll receive x2 what you created in addition to about 150-200k per task. You get these every 24 hours of logging in. 3. Warbands. (Wilderness) Medium Level Moneymaking - 1. Fishing and Cooking Rocktails and Sharks. -Requirements: 90 Fishing, 93 Cooking. -Recommended: Cooking Gauntlets. (see cooking gauntlets guide) You can fish for Rocktails in the Living Rock Caverns, or if you're Premium Tier 3 you can fish for Rocktail in a pond south west of lumbridge lodestone teleport. The Fishing Shop sells Living Minerals with a stock of 1000 This is the Fishing shop. Players like to buy cooked Rocktail at 5K gp each. Meaning you could make 5M every 1000 living minerals you buy from the Fishing Shop. Players also like to buy cooked Shark at 2.5k each. Really good starting money for new players. 2. Wilderness Revenants. - Requirements: at least 43 Prayer and Lunar Gear (see lunar gear guide) - Recommended: 95 Prayer, 80 Magic, Chaotic Staff, 96 Summoning. Once you have Lunar Gear, you can start PvMing. Revenants are the easiest early game money maker, however they still require you to pay attention and use food. For armour, wear Lunar Gear and your best staff. for your inventory, bring 4 prayer potions, air runes, and 23 Sharks, however if you have a Yak, you can bring a Yak and fill it with food as well to bring more food and stay longer. Once you have everything, you can get to revenants by clicking the Teleport Portal, selecting "Dungeon Teleports" and then selecting "Revenants Dungeon" Once here, turn on protect mage, enter the cave, and run north past the demons and hellhounds and run to the Top Left side of the Revenants Here there are more npcs to kill for their loot. Notable drops from Revenants are Statius Warhammer, Vesta's Longsword, and Ancient Warrior Patch, all Revenants drop PVP Gear and they all drop Ancient Artefacts as well. Ancient Artefacts are worth tons of coins if you get the correct ones, which is why Revenants are really good money, Once you get a bunch of Ancient Artefacts, you can take them to Edgeville bank and give them to Mandrith in exchange for coins. Here are the prices of the Artefacts Simply speak to Mandrith and he will offer to buy your Artefacts 3. Celestial Dragons. Requirements: 67 Dungeoneering. At Least Royal Dragonhide and Chaotic Crossbows with Dragonbane Bolts, and Antifire potions. Recommended: Zamorakian Warpriest with Chaotic Crossbows with Dragonbane Bolts, Bonecrusher, Demonhorn Necklace, 99 Prayer. Celestial Dragons are located on Dragontooth Island, you can get here by selecting "Combat Training" > "Low Tier Combat" > Celestial Dragons at the Teleport Portal south of lodestone. Once you go inside the dungeon, you'll see all the Dragons, drink an antifire and then turn on protect magic and get to killing!. Celestial Dragons drop Tier 90 Magic Gloves when killed on Slayer task, however they have the highest drop rate for Draconic Visages which can be made into Dragon Fire Shields with 80 smithing and alched for 1.2M Gp making them a really good source of money. They also drop tons of summoning supplies which you could sell to players. 4. Oyster D&D Requirements: 1250 Total Level Oyster DnD is a Daily that gives you Hard and Elite Clue scroll rewards upon completion. Once you do it, you must wait an entire 24 hours to do it again. Once you get to the Oyster you will see red weeds, and a bunch of platforms to stand on. The red weeds, you spam click for seaweed and then you can spam click the fishing spot for a cucumber. Once you get both, click the Oyster and you will receive clue scroll rewards. Players buy the God Pages for 1M a page because they are useful in gathering Fortunate Components for the Luck of the Dwarves. 5. Crafting Vote Boxes. Requirements: 85 Crafting for Black Dragonhide Shields, 55 Magic for High Alchemy If you vote for the Large Crafting Box you will get various colored Dragonhides, you can buy these from the vote shop and craft into Dragonhide Shields and alch. When you vote you'll get 20 Vote points so you'll be able to buy 2 Large Crafting Boxes. You can also sell these dragonhides to other players. Making this a great money maker for Skillers. High Level Money Making - 1. Reaper Tasks. Requirements: Warpriest with Chaotic Set. Recommended: Godwars Dungeon Sets, Ring of Fortune, Amulet of Fury, and Chaotics To get a Reaper Task, go speak to Death by dying, or teleporting to Draynor Lodestone and entering Death's Portal Click his portal and run north to him Click him and select "Get Task" Once you get a Task, you complete the task of the boss he gives you and then you return for another task the next day. Premium members get extra rerolls depending on what tier you are. Once you get 300 Reaper Points you'll be able to buy a Incomplete Hydrix. This is used to make the best jewelry in the game and can be sold for alot of money. 2. Ascension Members Required: 81 Slayer, Royal Dragonhide and Chaotic Crossbows. Recommended: 99 Range, Defence, and Prayer. Warpriest. You can get here by teleporting to Ascension Dungeon. Select Low Tier Bosses > Ascension Dungeon. Once you get here, Run to this open area here circled in white. Ascension Keys go for about 1M each, if you camp them for long enough you can stack up and make alot of money by doing these, the members also drop Sirenic Scales which go for about 4M each. 3. Divine Charges Requirements: 4 Invention, 95 Divination, 80 Crafting, 80 Smithing. Once here collect the wisps Divine Charges are 225 Incandescent energies and 20 Simple Parts each. Collect however many Incandescent energies you want and then you can disassemble Logs, planks, hides, ores, or leather for simple parts. Divine Charges can go for 1M gp each, and they're needed alot for invention so there's always a market for them. 4. Araxxi. Requirements: Warpriest Gear and Chaotics Recommended: 99 Prayer and 99 Combat Stats. Here's a full guide of the kill: This boss drops tons of alchable items and is one of the best money makers in the game. Good luck to everyone who's trying to make cash! I hope this helped you!
  2. Hello everyone, Cinema here with another guide. This is a guide on the Wilderness Warbands. Wilderness Warbands is a dangerous Distraction and Diversion, composed of heavily defended storage camps guarded by the followers of the different Gods. These camps are founded to gain an advantage for the followers of a particular God once their God returns. They will set up camp in the Wilderness every 4 hours, one time at each of the three locations. Quercus, an ancient seer Ent, will send out adventurers to fight in the camps to balance the followers of the different Gods in Guthix's name. Quercus can be found outside the Grand Exchange agility shortcut. Wilderness Warbands give large amounts of experience in Farming, Construction, Herblore, Mining, or Smithing. You are limited to collecting 50 supplies per warband. To see what warband is currently active, talk to Quercus, north of the Grand Exchange agility shortcut, east of the Edgeville Lodestone. When you talk to him select number 2. There are 3 Locations for Warbands, each location is missing a skill. Levels 9-10. North of Edgeville Lodestone. (Misses Herblore) Levels 31-33. East of Corporeal Beast Cave Entrance. (Misses Smithing) Levels 41-42. North of Wilderness Pond East of Lava Maze. (Misses Construction) Every 4 Hours the Server will announce a new warband camp. It'll look like this When you get to a camp, there will be npcs there that you can either kill, or summon your own to kill them. Killing the npcs will give you slayer xp, however if you click the big beam, you will summon opposite god minions to kill the others already there. After the npcs have been cleared, you can loot your camps. When you loot a camp, you'll get supplies of the skill your supply tent had in it, and you'll be skulled. You can only gather 50 supplies each warband, however if you use magic notepaper on the supplies that you take, you can note them and carry all 50 in one inventory. Once you gather all 50 supplies, you can go back to Quercus and right click him and select "Rewards" When you select rewards you are given an option of experience of the skill you chose, or coins. The experience is scaled with your level and gets higher as your level does, and the coins are always the same. You can choose to bank your supplies to save them for when double experience is active, or you can use them for a money maker as they give about 700K coins per inventory of supplies. I hope this helps everyone with Warbands! Have fun gaining easy xp and cash!
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    Beautiful update, this is gonna help a lot for the future of this server!
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  5. Again, thanks for crediting my guide i hope this can help more ironmen.
  6. Beautiful and well put together guide, May i add this to my All in one Bossing guide and credit you?
  7. Thanks for crediting my God statues, looks like a great guide!
  8. Hello everyone, Cinema here with another simple but helpful guide! Today we're going to show everyone how to get Lunar Gear. First off, what is Lunar Gear? Lunar Gear is the ceremonial attire of the Moon Clan, made by players during Lunar Diplomacy, and may be kept afterwards. The armour requires 60 Magic and 40 Defence to wear, and the staff requires 50 Magic to wield. Lunar is the same as level 60 power armour. To get Lunar Gear on this server, all you need are the quest requirements for the Lunar Diplomacy quest. 61 Crafting 40 Defence 49 Firemaking 60 Mining 5 Herblore 14 Runecrafting 65 Magic 55 Woodcutting Once you have all the requirements for this quest, open your lodestone teleports, and click the top left lodestone "Lunar Isle" Once you teleport to this lodestone, run to the island. Once here, speak to the "Oneiromancer" and she will sell you the entire Lunar Set Here's the shop! Congratulations on your Lunar Gear!
  9. Welcome Mason! i hope you enjoy your time at Cywir!
  10. Congratulations Tokai! you're a great addition to our staff team, thanks for always being a great helper.
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    yet another amazing update and another reason why we're the best rs3 server out.
  12. this boss is super weak. just pray melee and afk and you won’t take hardly any damage in over t75 armour
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    Such an amazing update, I'm excited for the future.
  14. Welcome Wolf, i hope you enjoy your stay here!