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Following up from update 2.1, Update 2.2 brings a massive premium extension, the long awaited premium zone, a christmas event and many fixes and changes requested by the community.
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  1. wag1 people, my name is johnny, known as Defence in the rs3 rsps community. Getting rdy to go to uni doing Comp Sci soon. I turned 19 on the 1st June. Lookin' forward to see you all in game soon to smack your booty holes.
  2. Wag1 G, OG DEFENCE HERE. i'd be a great addition to the clan because i can essentially do most bosses, wouldnt mind pvming with others. Am dedicated to the grind as you can see from my rs3 account. And i got memes. Ty for reading <3 -Johnny
  3. garret from gscape? o