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Following up from update 2.1, Update 2.2 brings a massive premium extension, the long awaited premium zone, a christmas event and many fixes and changes requested by the community.
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  1. I have to use my screen space more ergonomically because I only have a 1366x768 screen. As part of that, I have transparency set to max so I can see more.
  2. If ever you're black screening, sometimes just restarting the client fixes it. In this case, with the constant black screens, I would recommend either deleting and redownloading your cache or updating your java. Preferably both. 😀
  3. I've been playing RS3 since 2015 but played Runescape casually a few years before that. I'm not the best when it comes to high-tier PVM, but I suppose that would give a chance to see who are the more helpful members of our community. Would love the chance to make this server the best it can be.