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  1. bye bye to my life once this is released.
  2. Ingame name: Saucy Timezone: MST Time played: around 4 months - 300+ hours About yourself: 23 years old, from Colorado, United States. Young aspiring digital design artist. I am adobe and maxon certified. I work hard to ensure a decent future for myself, but I also enjoy some guilty pleasures on the side. Why should we choose you?: I have committed alot of my time to this server, and I am on daily. I have also put alot of time into ensuring other players enjoy their experience. This game isn't only about enjoying your own experience. its about enjoying the experience as a community, and thats all that I strive for in this server. Build a reliable, trustworthy, and strong community, that simply builds off of each other. I can also contribute tremendously towards the visuals for the promotion side of the server.