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  1. Thanks a lot, I was wondering if maybe I overwrote but maybe not.
  2. In-game name: Art was the name of my first account but I am actively playing on North or Tea currently. One is a Hardcore Ironman and the other is just a regular Ironman. Timezone: GMT-5 Time played: I've been on the Server since October 20th, i've played almost daily give or take a day or two off since starting on October 20th. About yourself: Hey guys, my name is Dave. I am 24 years old and I am a career Firefighter/Paramedic. During my free time I enjoy gaming, any outdoor activities, watching movies, smoking cigars, and books. I have been involved in the RSPS scene since about 2005-2006 where I started developing and coding a 317 server with my Brother that was up for about a year or two before my Brother and I no longer had time for it. Since then I have been in and out of the RSPS scene over the years playing a multitude of different servers. I'm a pretty laid back individual and i'm not quick to lashing out or irrational decision making. I like to have a plan and I am a strong believer in the chain of command. I think it plays a vital role due to my career choice but the same can be said about a RSPS chain of command. My friends would describe me as a calm, cool, and a collected individual with a level headed thinking mindset. Why should we choose you?: I think every applicant has something good to bring to the table and I don't think i'm necessarily any more qualified than anyone else. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Due to my work schedule I work a rotating schedule so my play time is all over the clock. I often find myself online when there is no other staff members. Sometimes my play time consists of 0800-2000 other times i find myself online between the hours of 2100-0500, it really just depends on my work schedule. In terms of strengths that could benefit the server i'm a very patient individual and I am not quick to punishment unless if the situation requires immediate action. I have held a number of staff ranks on different servers in the past and I have been around the RSPS scene since the good ol days of the 317 era and I have a lot of knowledge. I am currently playing the Ironman modes and my knowledge of end game content may be limited but I have a maxed main on RS3 and since this is a RS3 style server I think I wouldn't have too much of an issue providing support. In terms of weaknesses I do work shift work so sometimes I may not be on everyday. I also may be a bit lax at times as I believe everyone has a bad day and I tend to try alternative means either with a conversation or a warning than going straight to mutes or bans. However, if the situation arises where the safety of the server, community, or other members are at risk I take that very seriously and I will pass a punishment. Also, since I am quiet and a bit reserved I may not be as well known as people who are more extroverted than myself as I am definitely an introvert. Like I said above, everyone has some good things and some bad things to bring to the table. I don't think i'm necessarily any more qualified than any of the other applicants but I do have some assets that would make me a strong candidate in my opinion. I think this is a great server and community and I would be ecstatic to be apart of a growing team. Thanks for taking my application in consideration. Dave
  3. Art

    Ironman FAQ

    Interesting concept for a guide. I think this answers some questions but maybe poll from the current irons/hci that play and see if you can add on to this and maybe turn it into an all inclusive guide on how to approach early ironman and skilling or voting reward selection. Otherwise, good job!
  4. Art

    Halloween Event

    Yeah, I did see this earlier.
  5. Art

    Halloween Event

    Nice concept, but maybe it would have been better to add something like a stackable item as a reward and you can use the stackable item to purchase items or something of the sort. For those of us who are skillers or haven't really delved into combat yet we basically can't participate.
  6. Art

    Hey All

    Hey all, My name is Dave and my in-game names are Art and North. I have a hardcore Ironman account and a regular account. I am definitely more of a skiller when it comes to game play so you will most likely find me around skilling in some capacity. I really only play at work so you might see me on some weird hours but I look forward to meeting everyone. I figured i'd post my intro before I was banned for using Samsung Devices #gosamsung!!!!!!!!