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Following up from update 2.1, Update 2.2 brings a massive premium extension, the long awaited premium zone, a christmas event and many fixes and changes requested by the community.
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  1. With us 2 at it, it might be a bit quicker 47
  2. Please note. I will be making this look much more pretty eventually. This is just a placeholder for now House Location The recommended House location is Taverly. This is not just because of how close it is to the Lodestone, but there is a shop that sells planks and other construction materials right outside the portal. Moving your house If you go to Falador/Prifddinas/Varrock/Seer's Village Estate Agent you can move your house to wherever you want (picture coming soon) Servants You can have a servant working in your house to make long traIning periods even faster experience for you To get a servant you need to go to Ardougne estate house (picture coming soon) [teleport to lodestone, run a little south and then straight East. You'll see all the servants in/around the house] Using the Servants To use these properly, you need to bring noted versions of all the planks you are using. Use these on the servant, choose option 1 (un-cert) and then type in a number PLEASE NOTE! DO NOT REQUEST MORE THAN WHAT YOU CAN HOLD AT THE TIME OF REQUESTING. ONLY REQUEST WHEN YOU CANNOT MAKE ANY MORE FURNITURE Levelling Methods Level 1 : God Statues Level ?? (from God Statues) - 63 : Oak Larders Oak Larders are a good way to use any excess oak planks you may have lying around as they use 8 Oak Planks each time Kitchen Cost: 5k Level 63 - 73 / 99 : Teak Prawnbrokers Prawnbrokers are highly recommended from level 63 as they use 8 planks each. Using a Demon Butler you can bring 24 planks at a time Aquarium Cost: 200k Level 73 - 99 : Mahogany Prawnbrokers Mahogany Prawnbrokers are the better version of the Teak Prawnbrokers, but they use Mahogany Planks instead (surprise!) Major Tips Save all your planks for when DXP is active Make sure to do your weekly God Statues as they give you brilliant construction and prayer / slayer experience DO NOT request for planks from your servant before you have enough space for them (if you are requesting 24 at a time, do not send the servant when you have 6 spaces open)
  3. Ingame name: Wolf Timezone: GMT (England) Time played: 10 Days About yourself: There's not really much about me to learn. I am an open book, honest and calm. I love helping players and I spend most of my free time in game. I work 4 on 4 off shift pattern meaning that 4 days in a row I wont be able to play at all, but I am still around on Discord and the forums Why should we choose you?: Well first off, I am glad that this question isnt labelled "What makes you better than other applicants" I believe you should choose me because even though I am not 100% knowledgeable of everything Runescape, I am constantly learning. Whenever I am playing, I am taking notes about stuff so that if somebody else comes across the same issue, I can answer them. Whenever I am playing I am always answering people in the Friends Chat and just chatting to people ingame Whilst I know that I am not a Veteran of Cywir, I believe that my friendliness and improving knowledge of the game makes me a good candidate
  4. Welcome Apple! Good to see more new faces around here! Hope to see you more ingame 🙂
  5. Still trying to fill all the action bars...will eventually Anybody know how to get rid of the "Donate" button?
  6. 37, lets get closer 😉
  7. Hey there. Tier 25 Premium here Already got the rank on the Discord, only just made my Forum account
  8. Hey everybody So I am Wolf, or Matthew, or Matt. Whatever you want to call me I am 26 and from England and haven't played RS3 in a LONG time, but I am really interested in Cywir I am playing as a HCIM and I am really enjoying it so far Hope to see more of you ingame!