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  1. Ingame name: Iron God Timezone: EST (Eastern Standard Time) Time played: Going on Week#2 | Monday-Friday 10am EST - 10pm EST | Weekends - Varies but never less than 3 hours of play time. About yourself: I am currently a stay-at-home Dad, taking my parental leave to take care of my current children, whilst my wife finishes work up until her maternity leave. At this point I will be returning to work, however I work nights so my hours of play will not change that much. I have a passion for RuneScape ever since I was a child, and that passion has yet to waver. Gaming aside, I enjoy Fishing (yes the real kind) and Basketball and Baseball. When I say I enjoy, I mean I will play - not watch. Why should we choose you?: I feel like I would make a great representative for the Server/Staff by being chosen simply because of my capability of working well with others, along with the fact that there are also a lot of players who direct questions at me whether it be in PM or in friends chat, seeking guidance - and I am usually able to offer assistance/knowledge. I have been playing RuneScape for about 15 years, and when I say playing I don't mean started and then took huge breaks in between, I have been and will always be an active RuneScape grinder.
  2. I am just adding to your guide to make it easier/more efficient for new players at the boss. All things aside, that is the purpose of a guide considering generally speaking, the targeted demographic are those who aren't experienced with the fight.
  3. For this boss to add to the optimization you will instead: Devotion during the flurry to take no damage and be able to full rotate your DPS abilities, thus resulting in faster kill times. Also it is KEY to kill the wolves before the cleave so you can: Shield swap -> Resonance. Devotion against the flurry along with the resonance to the cleave, you will secure foodless kills every single time, usually sub 60sec start-finish.
  4. For this boss to add to optimization you will instead: Shield swap -> Resonance the explosion when the bar gets to full to take 0 damage and not have to move / "time" your surge/escape abilities to flat out disregard this mechanic in it's entirety. Barricade ult also works and can then pray swap to soulsplit and get 10s of heals due to no incoming dmg.
  5. For this boss for optimization and less food used (if any at all using this method) You shield swap -> Resonance the 1st ranged hit to heal off it (2k+ free heal) Pray swap (ranged protection) -> Devotion the 2nd ranged hit to take 1dmg Rinse and repeat this method to negate ranged damage and instead stay healed off it.