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  1. Excellent guide pal! This should help me through when I get to that point, never actually got to do invent on RuneScape.
  2. Can't wait to see everyone online, let's make Cywir the one and only go-to RS3PS!
  3. Goodluck to those of you whome want to be apart of this.
  4. Excellent as always. This will probably be the most favorited skill in the game to be honest.
  5. This is going to be absolutely epic. Thank you for choosing me abd co gratulations to everyone else!
  6. Garrett


    Welcome! Enjoy your stay. :)
  7. This is getting more and more exciting each and everytime i see you post an update. Keep up the fantastic work!
  8. Everything is looking so good so far and im digging it. Cant wait to see what else you got up your sleeve there
  9. Everything is looking excellent so far! I can't wait for this to be in a playable state.
  10. Garrett


    First non-admin ranked forum post?, Pretty neat huh. I'm Garrett, Im 25, father of 1. Been playing RSPS Since the early dawn of Dodian & RuneKeep. Don't normally make these but i took advantage of the empty forums, hope to see some of y'all in-game when it's out and im excited for this.