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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone! Welcome to my easy Agility Guide. This is one of the more click intensive skills in the game, and can be boring at times, but it's pretty fast still. There are 4 Viable Agility Courses in the game: Gnome Agility Course Barbarian Outpost Wilderness Agility Course Hefin Agility Course The first 3 can all be teleported to by speaking to Lady Deathknell at home. In this guide, we won't be using the Advanced Courses as the Hefin course yields better xp. 1-35 use the Gnome Agility Course 35-52 use the Barbarian Outpost 52-77 use the Wilderness Agility Course 77-99 use the Hefin Agility Course, this requires 1500 Total level to enter Prifddinas This course rises in xp per lap every 5 levels past 77. If the Voice of Seren is active, there will be a 20% XP boost to the course. Periodically a shortcut will open and you'll get this prompt This is what it will look like Using this will take you to the top of the Cathedral taking away about 15-20 seconds of the lap! This is all for the Guide! I hope this helps you and gets you that quick and easy 99 Agility!