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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone! Welcome to my In-Depth woodcutting guide! Here are the Hatchets available When you begin, a Bronze hatchet is already in your toolbelt. The next best thing you could get is a Dragon Hatchet. Dragon Hatchets are dropped by the Dagganoth Kings. For how to kill these, refer to my All in one bossing guide. The best hatchet you can get is a Crystal hatchet. To get a Crystal hatchet, trade in a Dragon hatchet and 4,000 Harmonic Dust to Lady Ithell in the Ithell District of Prif. It is 15% more efficient than the dragon hatchet. Here are the Logs that you can cut for experience. Normal Trees are located all over Cywir. Anything that says "Tree" will give you normal logs. Oak, Maple, Yew, and Magic are all located in Seer's Village. You can get here by using the lodestone teleport or the Woodcutting teleport. As for Teak. Teak and Mahogany Trees can be found in Karamja as well as Miscellania Choking Ivy's are located along castle walls. There are some on the east wall of the Varrock Castle and there are some on the outer walls of Falador. If you teleport to the Falador lodestone and run east on the outside of the wall you will see them. Elder Trees are level 90 and currently the highest level logs you can chop since crystal trees don't work. These are all the locations of Elder Logs This is the path I'd recommend. 1-15 Chop Normal Logs. 15-45 Chop Oak Logs. If you want to train Fletching and Firemaking: 45-90 Chop Maple Logs. If not: 45-68 Chop Maple Logs. 68-90 Chop Choking Ivys. 90-99 Chop Elder Logs. Good luck on getting 99 Woodcutting! and if you're lucky, you can get Woody the Woodcutting Pet!