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Welcome to Cywir RS3!

The leading RuneScape 3 private server and home of the best Evolution of Combat experience!

We are currently actively working on a revision upgrade. We will be moving from our current revision 887, to the latest and last ever revision available for java. 910 1.
If you would like to read more about this click the button below!

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Dev Blog - Elite Dungeoneering

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Welcome to the 3rd installment of the Development Blogs.

I know, i know.. it's been a while but that is because i have been working long and hard on reworking the skill we all love to hate, Dungeoneering.
The decision to change this skill wasn't taking lightly, but upon starting this project i reviewed dungeoneering extensively and uncovered far to many issues in the way it was wrote and handled.

So it was then decided that to amend those issues i would have had to rewrite the whole skill which i was not willing to do.

Instead i sat down and thought, "what could i do to make this better?"

And then it came to me, why not make this into a unique/custom take on Dungeoneering?
So using RuneScape's idea for Elite Dungeons and incorporating them into modern assets from Shattered Worlds i was able to create something truly unique and special.

So without further ado i will explain in detail about Cywir's Elite Dungeoneering.

Core Information

Cywir's Elite Dungeoneering features a flawless dynamic map generating system which generates randomly themed floors in variable shapes and sizes.
for example, here are 3 images of small floors;



This system not only supports small floors but it also supports more large challenging floors.

you can take either type of instance solo or with 2 other players.

Training the skill
Training dungeoneering now requires you to use your own equipment, supplies and general setup.
This is a safe mini-game although dying will affect the amount of experience and Dungeoneering tokens by deducting them by a percentage per death.

Upon starting a Dungeoneering instance you will greeted with the following 3 options;



This interface is where the dung instance is handled, you can start your own instance or join/rejoin someone else's via this interface.
Note: once 1 NPC has been killed you will be unable to join another players instance.

Once you have entered the instance you will notice the following interfaces have appeared on your screen;




The one outlined in green, is important. 
It is this interface that you are able to track how much XP you have earned and how many NPCS remain in the instance.

For example; 




As you can see at 200m dungeoneering i received 9030 experience for killing 1 NPC.
After defeating 19 NPCs i received 85K experience.

All experience and tokens are rewarded at the end of the floor when you are taken to the reward and re-instancing lobby.



It is in this instance you are able to claim your rewards from the floor completion, access the bank and choose whether to carry on or to leave.
The rewards lobby themes changes with the theme of previous floor completed, so you should always feel immersed while training Dungeoneering.


Probably the most enjoyable thing about training dungeoneering now, you now get rewarded!
When completing a floor and entering the rewards instance the cracked chest will start to shake.
Taunting you to open it.

Sometimes it might troll you with random supplies or troll items but every now and then you might be rewarded with some
fancy rare items that will be just perfect for getting started on Cywir.

But.. To find out what the rare items are, i'm afraid your going to have find out yourself!

Additional information

At level 110 you are able to set your own floor theme by talking to the Quartermaster outside dungeoneering.

ALL floors feature dynamic effects while progressing throughout the floor, from falling rocks to explosions you will always be kept on your toes.

Notable NPCs have custom combat scripts adding additional challenge within the floor, use your knowledge of abilities to avoid taking serious damage.

NPCs within dungeoneering scale to your Combat level or Combat levels if in a team.

Dying inside dungeoneering is safe, but at the cost of experience and dungeoneering tokens.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the latest addition to the Development Blogs!
And i can't wait to see some of you in game very soon!


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Excellent as always.
This will probably be the most favorited skill in the game to be honest.

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Agreed! This is going to actually be great! For once I'm kind of excited to train dungeoneering!

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