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Welcome to Cywir RS3!

The leading RuneScape 3 private server and home of the best Evolution of Combat experience!

We are currently actively working on a revision upgrade. We will be moving from our current revision 887, to the latest and last ever revision available for java. 910 1.
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Cinema's Starting Guide!

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also any iron men please refer to this created by @Tokai


Hello everyone! Welcome to my starter guide. I've had a few players come to me and ask how to start off and I haven't been able to give them a direct answer. Well here's a nice way to start off if you're new:) The only useful command is ;;menu and it brings up everything. Also examining an NPC not in combat will reveal its drop table as well as a drop sample of 100 kills. 

To change prayers and spellbooks click the tome!


To teleport around the map use the teleport portal!



There are all kinds of shops at home. For every skill. Here are what they are!

PVM Armour / Supplies Shops are north of home in the games room.



Combat Armour Shop:


Smithing Shop!:


Crafting Shop!:


Magic Shop!:


Loyalty Point Shop!:


Melee Weapon Shop!:


Herblore Shop!:


Firemaking Shop!:


Fletching Shop!:


Hunter Shop!:


Fishing Shop!:


Construction Shop!:


Level 1 Slayer Master!:


Summoning Shop!:


Farming Shop!:

Starting Off.


1: The Beginning. When you first start off. There will be 4 things you need to grab. After you make your character. click these 3 armour stands and the food stand located right beside you tiwUZJJ.jpg

If you right click the bank chest and select "Collect" you can open the Grand Exchange. Once you've gotten your starter, bank your items. Refer to my God Statues guide here. Go to each God Statue and build them for free Slayer and Construction XP. Here's the locations of the God Statues.


Also always do Warbands, Warbands give tons of experience or even coins starting off and can be a great way to help start off, refer to my Warbands guide here > 


2: Starting Off.

Recently, I've been told that people have trouble making money. So I made an entire Money Making Guide! check it out here >

Personally, I like to get skill stuff out of the way. If you are not one of these people. skip to part 3. 

As this server is highly self sufficient in the beginning, you should definitely start off with Fishing and Cooking. 

For a simple Fishing guide. I'd recommend 1-40 doing shrimp and anchovies in Draynor Village. ( Speak to Lady Deathknell > Skilling teleports > Fishing and Cooking > Draynor Village )

40-76 Fishing do Lobsters in the Fishing Guild. ( Speak to Lady Deathknell > Skilling teleports > Fishing and Cooking > Fishing Guild. )

76-90 Fishing do Sharks in the Fishing Guild. ( Speak to Lady Deathknell > Skilling teleports > Fishing and Cooking > Fishing Guild. )

90+ Fishing do either Cavefish or Rocktail in the Living Rock Caverns. (These will also be a GREAT money maker if you sell them in the GE) You can buy fishing bait from the fishing shop at home!



Once you get the Fish you need. I recommend getting Cooking Gauntlets so you don't have to burn all of your fish and waste them. Please refer to my Cooking Gauntlet Guide here > 

Once you've gotten your Cooking Gauntlets you can cook all of your food and you'll be ready for Part 3!!!

3: PVM.

Once you've gotten your food, or you think you don't need food. You can now begin PvM! I recommend always starting off with magic because you can get Lunar Gear. refer to my Lunar Gear guide>


You can either do Slayer or go straight to Elite Dungeoneering. Elite Dungeoneering off the rip isn't good combat XP but it's a little easier than when you're doing it at a high level. Elite Dungeoneering is a custom Dungeoneering created by our very own @Scythe In Elite Dungeoneering. You can get there by speaking to Lady Deathknell and Teleporting to Elite Dungeoneering. Once you get here there are 2 portals.



There's usually 30 or so Npcs in the blue portal and 60 in the red portal.

There are 5 things that happen when in Elite Dungeoneering.

Defensive Aura: Gives 50% Damage Protection.


Poison Cloud: Will harm you if you stand inside it.



Explosion: Will get an alert saying there's going to be an explosion. Stand inside the circle to avoid damage.



Healing Aura: Heals you while you stand inside of it


Damage Aura: Damages you while you stand inside of it.



There's a killcount at the top saying how many kills you have left. Once you kill them all it'll say this.


Once you finish the kills, click the portal at the end of the dungeon and you'll be taken to the rewards room


The bigger chest is the rewards chest and the smaller chest is a bank chest that you can use. To re-enter dungeoneering simply use the red portal.

If you don't die you'll get more xp and more rewards from the chest. There's a chance to get T70 Hybrid armour as well so make sure not to die!

You can do this to level 80 which by then you'll have enough for a Chaotic of your choice.

Once you get the Chaotic you want, you can teleport to Godwars Dungeon (Low Tier Bosses > Godwars Dungeon )


Kill the npcs in here and if you're lucky you'll get Warpriest. Currently all Warpriest works the same by if you have a full set, you have a chance to negate 90% of damage. If you kill the imp you can get warpriest pretty easily as it's the weakest npc in the dungeon.

Once you get your warpriest you're free to do whatever you want to.


Reminder this is simply a starting off guide, this isn't supposed to be detailed or help you get everything you need. Just things to start off.

Hope this guide can help you and good luck everyone!!!



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