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Update 1.0

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Cywir RS3


Update 1.0 - 15/08/2019




  • 3x XP option
    • 3x XP rate is now available
      • You can now revert to 30x XP by using the command ;;normalize


  • Elite Dungeoneering map loading
    • Fixed an issue with map loading within Elite Dungeoneering
      • Hopefully should fix the nulling issue


  • Withdrawing bonds
    • Fixed an issue when redeeming bonds
      • Withdrawing bonds no longer gives you the wrong item


  • Trading bonds
    • You can now trade bonds without issue


  • Prayers on action bar
    • You can now trigger prayers directly from your action bar without issue


  • Manually triggering abilities
    • Some player faced issues when trying to trigger abilities manually, this should now be amended



  • Corruption Shot/blast
    • Some players faced issues when using this ability
      • Corruption Shot and blast should now work as intended


  • Onslaught
    • Some players faced issues when using this ability
      • Onslaught should now work as intended and drain adrenaline at the correct rate




  • Skilling pets
    • Something in the air was making skilling pets far to common
      • They are now much less common to obtain


  • Effigies
    • I spoke to some of the Dragonkin and they agreed that they were to common
      • You are now less likely to find them

  • Draconic Visage
    • Your prayers have been answered, Draconic Visage no longer shows up as a world announcement when dropped

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