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Update 1.1

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Cywir RS3


Update 1.1 - 19/08/2019




Treasure Hunter rewards

  • The long awaited update on Treasure Hunter rewards is now live




Area loot

  • Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances area loot would not work or show up
    • This should now work for all players

Rune Dragons

  • Fixed a issue relating to Rune Dragons respawning
    • They should now respawn at correct rates

Ripper Demons

  • Fixed a issue relating to Ripper Demon mechanics
    • This issue caused the server to null, This has now been fixed


Lava Strykewyrms

  • Players reported issues with the wyrms mechanics
    • This should now be addressed


Araxxi - Loot interface

  • Some players were experiencing issues when sending loot to bank from Araxxi's corpse
    • This should now be fixed and should send ALL your loot to the bank without issue
      • Araxxi's corpse no longer yields duplicate loot


Player combat

  • Some players were experiencing slight issues with combat this has now been addressed


Slayer Tasks

  • Fixed a issue regarding certain slayer tasks
    • You should no longer experience problems with said tasks


Ava's accumulator

  • Some players reported issues regarding the Arrow save ability of Ava's
    • I have modified the rate and it should feel alot better now 

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