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Update 1.5

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Cywir RS3



Update 1.5 - 01/09/2019


[+] Added


New voting system

As some of you may know the voting has been a real pain the backside since launch with problems with callbacks etc.
So i have opted to move to everything.rs voting api, you can now vote on a multitude of sites and be rewarded for doing so.



Answering some the calls of players vote rewards yield crates/packs of perishables like herblore ingredients and construction materials etc.
These rewards come in two different sizes small and large ranging from 5 to 10 points. These skills supported are as follows;

  • Construction
  • Crafting
  • Farming
  • Herblore
  • Summoning
  • Fletching
    • These crates come in different crate sizes and yield valuable skilling items essential for PvM etc..

There is also additional rewards such as;

  • Bond (Untradable)
  • Key token

So you are now able to have the chance to enjoy premium/donation benefits without having to reach into your pockets.


  • It seems some of you guys were struggling to complete your Vyrewatch task
    • Added Vyrewatch spawns in Burgh de rott
      • Closed Meiyerditch for future content

[+] Fixed

Summoning pouch creation

  • Players reported issues relating to creating summoning familiar pouches
    • Pouches now require the right amount of shards present

Death swiftness and Sunshine ability

  • Players reported some suspicious deaths of their pets and familiars in Cywir
    • Death swiftness and Sunshine ability should no longer kill your beloved pets and familiars


  • Players reported not being able to use certain bones on the ectofuntus
    • You should now be able to do so


Smithing level / armour stand

  • It seems some of you have been paying over the odds when it comes to repairing your armour!
    • Repairing at a armour stand will now take into account your smithing level and give you some juicy discount


Item smuggle / counter heist

  • It seems some of you have been upto no good, making trouble in my neighbourhood!
    • You can no longer smuggle untradeables to each other via placing them on counter tops or tables.

Strykewyrms - Jungle, Desert, Ice, Lava

  • Well what can i say, they are pesky little things! it seems they have been using their special attack to often!
    • You should no longer experience excessive borrowing from Strykewyrms 




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