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Update 1.6

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Update 1.6 - 18/09/2019


The updates today contain some fixes addressing issues with the server and new account creations as well as some QoL fixes requested by players.
I am still trying to catch up with myself development wise, Expect more updates to follow in due course.



Server related errors

Over the last week or two Cywir has experienced some log in issues, This was mainly because of the way i handled certain code and data.
Here is what i have now addressed;

  • Fixed a issue with players logging in and automatically being set to x3 experience.
  • Made changes to the way the server handles data to ensure a smoother playing experience.
  • Changed to way the server handles first login and account creation to try ensure we don't experience any more issues regarding this.
  • Removed the chat-block on players passwords.


Wyrmfire potions

Players reported issues regarding the use of wyrmfire potions and them not lasting for the full 6 minutes.

  • Wyrmfire potions now act correctly.


Ripper demons

Players reported experiencing ripper demons disappearing out of nowhere or performing a special attack while not being in combat.

  • Ripper demons now reappear after performing the jump special.
  • Ripper demons no longer perform the special attack whilst out of combat. 

Boss pets

It was brought to attention that players were able to receive duplicate pets and following that would cause issues. 

  • Players who accidentally claimed duplicate boss pets are now able to reuse the pets as intended.
  • Players who actively have unclaimed duplicate pets can't claim them anymore.



Prifddinas Bonfire functionality

Players reported not being able to use the bonfires in Prifddinas.

  • You can now toggle to add logs to the bonfire.
  • You can now toggle to cook on the bonfire.



More updates to follow in the next few days.

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