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Welcome to Cywir RS3!

The leading RuneScape 3 private server and home of the best Evolution of Combat experience!

We are currently actively working on a revision upgrade. We will be moving from our current revision 887, to the latest and last ever revision available for java. 910 1.
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Dev blog - The Magister

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Cywir | RS3

Welcome to Developers Blog #3

It's been a while since i have had the time to do a developers blog, Trying to juggle work and developing a server can be hard at times.
Especially when you want to develop the server more than you want to work!

I have been working on some content which i think you guys will love, This will be Cywir first installment of T92 bossing.


Expect a different more challenging fight whilst taking on The Magister on Cywir.

The fight itself on RuneScape 3 is underwhelming to say the least.
That is why i opted for a fully custom boss fight with a multitude of abilities and mechanics to deal with, keeping you fully engaged in the boss fight.

Did i mention it also supports duo mode? as well as solo.
But that doesn't mean it doesn't come with its own pros and cons!

Ability and mechanic summary

Here i will go into some small detail of what mechanics to expect during The Magister fight, and what exactly they do.


Basic attack
The Magister casts a purple beam of magical energy towards all players. (basics attacks are cast 5 times before triggering an special ability)

Corruptive blast
The Magister hurls a black ball of energy at the player which deals typeless damage.

Soul bomb
The Magister teleports to the player and rises up into the air charging his next ability, when fully charged The Magister will detonate and explode damaging anything in a 4x4 radius.

Concurrent bombs
The Magister shouts out "dodge this!" whilst stomping his staff releasing 3 randomly chosen targets per player and 1 targeted towards each player, each bomb deals damage between 2500-5000 and they can stack and affect all players within a 2x2 radius. (This AoE ability will effect all players, so please watch out for other players bombs.)

Soul bind
(Unique to duo mode only)
 -One of the players get their soul bound to the Magister resulting in all incoming damage to heal the magister by (damage*4) and your teammate gets damaged equally as much.

Phase playout summary

Now i will explain in little detail of how each phase will play out, giving you enough understanding without ruining the fight itself.
All mechanics on phases are subject to change prior to public release.


Phase #1
Phase #1, The Magister will only have access to two abilities and will start the fight with 300K LP.
The abilities are as follows;

- Basic attack -
- Corruptive blast -

Phase #2
Phase #2, once The Magister reaches 250K LP phase #2 will begin, The magister will gain access to three abilities during this phase.
The abilities are as follows;

- Basic attack -
- Corruptive blast -
- Soul bomb -

Phase #3
Phase #3, once you have reduced The Magister's health to 150K LP phase #3 will begin, This phase will prove the most difficult and you should be prepare for it.
The magister will have access to four abilities during this phase and five abilities if in duo mode.
The abilities are as follows;

-  Basic attack -
- Corruptive blast -
- Soul bomb -
- Soul Bind (only in duo mode) -
- Concurrent bombs -

Phase #4, the phase of The Magister encounter, this phase will begin once The Magister reaches 50K LP and will have access to only three abilities during this phase.
The abilities are as follows;

- Basic attack -
- Corruptive blast -
- Concurrent bombs -

When it will be released

I plan to release The Magister very soon as testing the magister with players proved flawless and exactly what i wanted.
Expect the update sometime this week.

I will try to get a video up of the fight close to the release of it, showing you exactly what you are up against!


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