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Update 1.7

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I would like to firstly thank you all for all for your patience on updates and fixes, sometimes it can become quite challenging being a solo developer and i would like to thank you all for sticking around whilst i work on bringing you content, fixes etc.
In this update log we welcome a whole host of updates including a new custom T92 boss encounter, The Magister as well as fixes and adjustments to combat and QoL and bug fixes requested by the community. Thank you to our content testers for making sure The Magister is the best it can be and for helping balance it for all players.

Note: I am trialling this new update layout so please let me know in the comment section if you prefer it.


The Magister
A fully custom solo/duo boss encounter exclusive to Cywir, Have you got what it takes?

To start the encounter you must make your way to the end of sophanem dungeon and make you way through The First Gate and approach the obelisk, You will need a Key of the crossing to initiate the fight.

  • Once you initiate the fight using a Key of the Crossing The Magister will spawn, He will have access to a multitude of mechanics which you have to deal with, of which include;
    • Basic attack - The Magister casts a purple beam of magical energy towards all players. (basics attacks are cast 5 times before triggering an special ability)
    • Corruptive blast - The Magister hurls a black ball of energy at the player which deals typeless damage.
    • Soul bomb - The Magister teleports to the player and rises up into the air charging his next ability, when fully charged The Magister will detonate and explode damaging anything in a 4x4 radius.
    • Concurrent bombs - The Magister shouts out "dodge this!" whilst stomping his staff releasing 3 randomly chosen targets per player and 1 targeted towards each player, each bomb deals damage between 2500-5000 and they can stack and affect all players within a 2x2 radius. (This AoE ability will affect all players, so please watch out for other players bombs.)
    • Soul Bind (unique to duo mode only) - One of the players get their soul bound to the Magister resulting in all incoming damage to heal the magister by (damage*4) and your teammate gets damaged equally as much.


  • The Magister fight consist of 300,000 LP spread over 5 phases, each phase he will have access to different abilities and mechanics for the full break down click here.


Misc changes and features to The Magister

  • Minister can now be claimed from soul fragment.
    • Minister is now fully functioning as a pet.
  • Magister now has a charge bar during his soul bomb attack.
  • Magister fight can now be re-started by using a key to the crossing on the obelisk.
  • Resonance can now be used on the following magister attacks.(Corruptive Blast,Soul Bomb).
  • Made some modifications to the mechanics of the magister thanks to our content testers.


Combat rework
Overdue and well needed fixes and adjustments to combat to improve QoL whilst playing Cywir.

Full manual combat

  • Global ability cooldown now works correctly when using full manual.
  • Keybinds on the actionbar are now fully responsive whilst using full manual.


Revolution++ combat

  • The action barbar is now fully responsive when using revolution.
  • Keybinds whilst using revolution used to be very unresponsive especially when changing prayers via action bar.
    • They should now be fully responsive when using this combat mode.
  • Made overall adjustments to ability queuing whilst using revolution.


  • Players reported issues regarding soulsplit and it not healing sufficiently
    • Using this prayer should now prove viable to use again as the healing and overall functionality has been reworked.


Misc fixes and changes to current features and content
Minor bug fixes and QoL updates requested by the community.



  • Araxxi's corpse now yields rewards to each participating player.
  • Slayer task streak no longer reset when cancelling via slayer master.
  • Fixed an issue with banking that caused an item to be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with banking degradable items using the bank all option.
  • Fixed some graphics which were displaying in the incorrect position.
  • Fixed an issue with opening manufacturing menu which caused the client to lag.


  • Decreased amount of clicks required to break free from araxxor/araxxi cocoon.
  • Corrupted gem is now required to create a corrupted slayer helmet.
  • Increased the drop rates of all ascension keystones from minions.
  • Increased vorago's range when triggering the first maul piece interaction.


  • Khopesh of the kharidian can now be obtained when receiving loot into your sophanem chest.
  • Skilling Backpack has been added to the Cywir store (30000 charges and 5% xp boost per charge).



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