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Cywir RS3

October Newsletter


It's already October and it is time for another monthly newsletter.
In this months newsletter we will cover what is already planned this month so far, as well as what could be in the works with a little help from you guys.

Lots of you have requested changes to the way you start out in Cywir as many of you find it to ironman like and not so fun at the beginning to get started. I just want to let you all know that i have heard you all loud and clear and change is on the way.

In the first QoL patch we will welcome a new home, new shops, new areas to train and better drop rates. Yes you read it correctly BETTER DROP RATES!

New home and shops

We're moving to Burthorpe! our new all-in-one player hub. located just above taverley this medium to large town proved the most viable home for Cywir.
This move gives players new and old better access to shops, skilling and more.

A whole range of custom shops have been added from player requests, of which include;

  • Gnome Shopkeeper's Armoury

    • Sells low to medium tier melee/range/magic armor.

  • Happy Heroes' H'emporium

    • Sells main and off-hand Dragon Battleaxes & Dragon Maces

  • Carwen Essencebinder Magical Runes Shop

    • Sells all types of runes and tiaras.

  • Gaius's Two-Handed Shop

    • Sells 2H melee weapons.

  • Alfred Stonemason's Construction Shop

    • Sells low end construction supplies.

  • Alison Elmshaper's Flying Arrow Fletching Shop

    • Sells arrows shafts, feathers and bowstring

  • Ayleth Beaststalker's Hunting Supplies Shop

    • Sells all your hunting equipment.

  • Head Farmer Jones's Farming Shop

    • Sells all your farming needs and some beginner seeds to get you started.

  • Jack Oval's crafting Shop

    • Sells low end uncut gems.

  • Marcus Everburn's Firemaking Shop

    • Sells low end logs to get you started firemaking(low stock)

  • Martin Steelweaver's Smithing Supplies Shop

    • Sells low end bars to kick start you on smithing(low stock)

  • Nicholas Angle's Fishing Shop

    • Sells all your fishing equipment and feed, including living minerals!

  • Poletax's Herblore Shop

    • Sells all the hard to obtain secondaries to make PvM easier to do.

  • Tobias Bronzearms's Mining Supplies Shop

    • Sells Bronze to Rune pickaxe

  • Will Oakfeller's Woodcutting Supplies Shop

    • Sells Bronze to Rune hatchets.


There has also been a host of thievable npcs added throughout Burthorpe and taverley to make thieving and obtaining certain seeds etc a lot easier.

Drop rate fixes

I have heard the pleas to end the dry streaks and change is on the way! in the next game update you should notice a substantial difference when PvMing in Cywir.
rare and very rare drops have been buffed to dropped more frequently than previously but still maintain somewhat of a challenge to obtain.
Keeping a nice balance in the economy.


Upcoming content poll

As we move into the later half of the month i will start to look into more content development with two currently in mind.
Which.. i need your help for, so above i have added a poll containing two ideas for a future update you would like me to work on.

The content i would like you to vote on is;

- The Arc (Skilling update) -

- Rise of the Six (PvM update) -

That's all for now, thank you for taking the time to read.


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Beautiful update i’m excited for what’s to come

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it's all great, but imo Invention should be next not rise of the six or Arc. But all-in-all content is content and it's all welcome haha. 

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