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Update 1.8

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Cywir RS3

Update 1.8

It's update week, and this one is a big one to say the least!
In this weeks patch we will welcome a whole host of updates of which include, Telos the Warden, Nex rework, New home, New shops and general QoL changes to combat etc.

Telos the Warden

The newest and most deadliest foe is now in public testing, the fight itself is in a good enough state for you to fight on the live server.
All 5 phases are available pat 100% enrage, please report any issues with Telos directly to me.

Nex rework

The long awaited return of Nex is here, the fight itself has been completely reworked to replicate RS3.
This has been added as an non instanced boss fight for now until i rewrite it further.

New player hub

We have finally moved to our new home location Burthorpe, the new home gives you access to new shops and assets located in and around Burthorpe.
This will act as our new all-in-one player hub and is more new player friendly.

Drop rate changes

After some testing the drop rate changes are now live!
You will now notice a considerable difference whilst hunting for drops, so long to those super long dry streaks! 

Patch notes:


Added Telos the Warden (public test)
Added Nex
Added New home and shops

Implemented timing fix to magister.
Implemented Nex as a non instanced fight for now.
Implemented modifications to the way customisations are handled.
Implemented a new function which calculates all the ingredients required by any given product and deletes them while giving back the item.(This includes invention material based items)
Fixed issues with telos beams when testing.
Fixed combat and mechanic timings with nex.
Fixed Ashuelot Reis's click options at nex lobby.
Fixed an issue regarding auto-attacks taking priority over abilities, Combat should feel a hell of a lot smoother now.

Modified drop rates globally.
Updated summoning pouch creation.
All ascension creatures key drop rates have been significantly boosted.
Updated the tutorial to explain long load times upon first login.
Added new announcements for new players.
Modified rotations of some npc's.
Hurricane now correctly damages the main target twice.
Made changes to the welcome controller.
Added combat dummy to new home.
Updated ;;home command to teleport you to new home.
Quake now properly assigns a 1 minute debuff to all affected targets.


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