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Update 1.9

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Cywir RS3

Update 1.9

Hello guys, it's update time! This time round the main focus was on providing a premium membership which you could rank up to gain additional benefits as a thank you for supporting us. So with this update a new store was needed, a complete rewrite of the current premium system.
But that's not all that has been worked on no, there's more! We welcomed a new and improved hiscores,website improvements and server wide bug fixes requested by you guys!




Brand new angular donation store.
Brand new angular community hiscores.

New premium membership system and tiers.
New in-depth premium benefit breakdown, located below the donation store.
Added additional items to the store and updated current ones.
Halloween event; gain various halloween items by killing or skilling, Ended 02/11/19.


Oyster D&D now rewards players with items from hard and elite clue scroll loot tables. Previously was easy - elite.
Increased the amount of times the sludge at araxxi jumps by 1.
Changed price of infinity set and its respective pieces
Modified multiple files to reduce load on server.
Modified delay on nex's special attacks.
Skilling backpack now gives 10% bonus xp per charge.
Quick teleport option on home portal now teleports you to your last used teleport.
Well of Goodwill now grants double xp instead of 50% xp bonus.


GWD2 killcount should now properly decrease with premium tiers.
Action bar should no longer mess up and lock during araxxor fight.
Fixed issues with jar of divine light.

Revenants drops now count towards chaos elemental boss collection log.
Fixed an issue with premium slayer task cancel. Fixed an issue when giving tuska's mask to a slayer master.
Dragon rider kit can now be used properly. Fixed an issue with jar of divine light.
Fixed an issue when tanning hides.
Fixed an issue with ganodermic gloves and boots.
Fixed an issue with dragonstone dragon's drop.
Fixed an issue with god staff prices.
Fixed an issue with dragon pickaxe drop rate.

Fixed the alch prices of mystic robes.
Superheat form is now functional when woodcutting. (Seren prayer)
Superheat form is now functional when mining ores. (Seren prayer)
Fixed an issue with oyster D&D not giving items.
Super prayer renewals are now functioning as intended.
Pickpocketing now yields experience for each loot (single, double, triple, quadruple).
Fixed a issues regarding free slayer task cancellations via premium benefits. 
Fixed an issue when giving tuska's mask to a slayer master.

Working on:

Premium minigame and miniboss dailies.
Premium zone.
Wardrobe/appearance rework.
More additional bug fixes and improvements and polish to current content.


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