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Welcome to Cywir RS3!

The leading RuneScape 3 private server and home of the best Evolution of Combat experience!

We are currently actively working on a revision upgrade. We will be moving from our current revision 887, to the latest and last ever revision available for java. 910 1.
If you would like to read more about this click the button below!

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Update 2.0

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Cywir RS3


Update 2.0

Hello guys, it's update time! and this may just be our biggest and best update yet.
As many of you may know combat hasn't always been our strongest point and well quite frankly let the server down.

So over the last week or so i have been working solely on combat, dedicating many hours to rewrite and adjust our current system in Cywir.

In this update expect smooth dynamic combat with fluid flawless transitions between abilities on both manual and revolution.
You will see and feel the difference immediately engaging and swapping targets has never felt better.
It's now easier and smooth the engage and move around your target, action bars, abilities, prayers have all be made super responsive so that you feel fully emerged whilst in combat!

Enjoy combat like you never have before!

 No more delayed abilities, random auto-attacks, bad pathing whilst engaging targets and unbalanced hits.
We have even introduced missing abilities such as tendrils, Barge, Tuska wrath and more.

This update is certainly a big milestone for Cywir, and it couldn't of been better timed for our 2.0 update.

I hope you enjoy this update and once again, thank you for sticking around and believing in us.



Various issues with action bar response time, Keybinds and clicks are now completely responsive.
Fixed issues regarding auto attacks being prioritised over abilities, mainly noticeable with Magic.
Fixed issues when casting abilities whilst using full manual,  This should now be the most viable way to PvM.
Rewrote revolution, delays on abilities and bad queuing should no longer be a problem.
Fixed toggling ability queuing, this should now work properly as intended
Fixed issues with pathing whilst in combat or engaging npcs, you should now be able to cast and move alike RS3 and move fluidly whilst in combat.
Fixed ability timing issues across all 3 combat styles, this should now be perfect.
Fixed issues regarding weapon and spell damage, this is now completely balanced.
Fixed issues with detonate magic ability this should now work correctly.
Fixed issue with the  onslaught ability, you can no longer eat food whilst using the ability.
Helwyr mushrooms no longer deactivate your run button.


Triggering abilities after running re-engages you with your last target.
Modified auto attack speed variation with different weapons.
Certain abilities have been prevented from re-engaging you into combat i.e. defensives.
You can now cancel the Fury ability with another ability.
Onslaught cancellation has been reworked.
Further changes to global cooldown
Using Statius warhammer special now reduces 100 charges from the weapon.
Removed a large amount of prints from the server to reduce server load greatly.
Removed some messages players were getting when performing specific things.
Tuska wrath now cooldowns in 15 seconds for non-slayer task npc, 120 seconds if used against one.


Added blood tendrils ability.
Added shadow tendrils ability.
Added smoke tendrils ability.
Added Tuska's Wrath ability.
Tuska's wrath can now be purchased from the loyalty store.
Vulnerability hex, you are now able to debuff your target using this.
Guthix Staff debuff can now be cast and will debuff the target accordingly.
Statius warhammer special is now functional.

Known issues:

Multi action bar ability queuing graphical bug, when queuing on main action bar it will appear to que the corresponding section on the other bar (This is just visual and will fix asap)

Bladed dive will be added soon, issues unlocking the ability in interface.


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