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Content creators + open staff position

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Cywir RS3

Hey guys, i hope you are all well! Just a quick announcement regarding video and content creators and an open staff position.

Video + Content creators

We are starting a campaign to reach out to the RSPS YouTube community.
There's a market out there and we aren't able to touch it without videos being created, i could go down the route of getting established RSPS YouTuber to make videos for us but i feel they generate the wrong kind of players.

That is why i am making this post, i'm calling on you guys to create videos for us and post them to our YouTube Channel and Videos section on the Forums.

We will ofcourse reward you for making these videos and give you ingame benefits for doing so! from roads to series to loot from.. we want them all.

If you are interested or know someone who might be, please contact @Nox and he will discuss it further with you.

Open staff position - Player Support

Due to a rapid increase in players and added stress on to the current staff team i have opened up the application section on the forums.
There is only one available Player Support position so please make your application to a high standard.

 The form in which you use to make your application is situated in the staff application section.

Good luck.


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