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Ironman FAQ

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I figured this was quite important as I get asked questions almost daily about the topic, please note this will be updated the more questions I get asked.

  • Where do you get your armour as an Ironman?
    Well, for basic equipment Ironmen on Cywir can access the shops, purchasing up to tier 50 armours.
    For more advanced stuff try Godwars 1 and work from that to the next set or armours.

  • Is being an Ironman difficult in terms of getting supplies?
    No, although you can not trade, voting and PvM can almost certainly supply you with everything you may require, from seeds, herbs, logs, ores and bones.

  • What if I need something that can only be obtained by someone else?
    Well, they must have obtained it from somewhere, even if it requires you to level up and grind a lot to get something, that's the entire point of being an Ironman.

  • Why are you an Ironman?
    I like the feeling of being self-reliant; I find it very rewarding to know that everything I have done has been my own solo effort without possible support from others.

  • Should I start an Ironman?
    If you are looking for more work towards progress at a steeper level and have no intentions of really trading or making money for things in term of end-game content, I'd highly recommend it, it's satisfying and rewarding to get things done.

  • What happens when I die as a Hardcore Ironman?
    I believe your stats are reset back to default (1 everything besides Health which will be 10.)

  • What is the difference between Hardcore Ironman and Normal Ironman?
    Hardcore Ironmen can not die, if they do they will lose all their stats and progress and have to start all over again.
    Normal Ironmen can die as they want without such drastic loses.

  • What is a good way to skill resource heavy skills like Smithing without spending a ton of time on them?
    Warbands (Not advised if you're a hardcore ironman) and daily tasks.


If you have any questions, curiosities or anything please let me know down below and I will answer it or add it to this FAQ thread;
If you're an ironman just starting up and wanting to see how to start off, I recommend looking to this guide made by Cinema:

Don't forget to pick up a Book of Diplomacy and Jar of Divine light when starting up, then just follow this guide and you'll be well on your way to becoming a great ironman.


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Interesting concept for a guide. I think this answers some questions but maybe poll from the current irons/hci that play and see if you can add on to this and maybe turn it into an all inclusive guide on how to approach early ironman and skilling or voting reward selection. 


Otherwise, good job! 

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Thank you for the input, Art.

I have intentions of making a full comprehensive guide to being an Ironman and Hardcore Ironman, there is a lot of elements I want to include that in that such as it being a community guide, so I'd be getting input from every possible user I could to get steps all the way up to end-game content, I also need to make some more guides on others things that will eventually be useful in said guide.

This topic is merely just a FAQ for people to find when asking me a bunch of questions; I can just direct them to here.

The guide I want to work on is literally a step by step progress to top level equipment; so as I'm sure everyone can understand that's sort of a massive guide and will take some time, so anyone else reading this; if you feel like you have knowledge you'd like to share towards steps or even if you just want to have a discussion about it, feel free to send me a private message on here, Discord or just hit me up in-game.

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Again, thanks for crediting my guide i hope this can help more ironmen.

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