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Welcome to Cywir RS3!

The leading RuneScape 3 private server and home of the best Evolution of Combat experience!

We are currently actively working on a revision upgrade. We will be moving from our current revision 887, to the latest and last ever revision available for java. 910 1.
If you would like to read more about this click the button below!

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Update 2.1

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Cywir RS3

Update 2.1

 It's update time! This week we focused on QoL and bug fixes requested by the community.
This patch mainly contains fixes to client crashes, divination and combat pathing as well various of changes and fixes to improve the way you play with us.




5 new pets to the donation store.
Warbands minigame/D&D.
Quercus dialogue has been added.
New pathing system for a more dynamics and responsive experience.
Book of diplomacy is now obtainable from Mr Ex, this is used to revert from ironman to a regular player.
Added Rainbow Halo to online store.
Added Samurai Outfit to online store.
Added Slow-mo Walk Animation to online store.
Full player toolbelt functionality, the toolbelt has been completely re-written.
Added functionality to Gold accumulator in and out of toolbelt.
Added functionality to Herbicide in and out of toolbelt.
Added functionality to bonecrusher in and out of toolbelt.
Added functionality to charming imp in and out of toolbelt.
Added Orb of Cywir Elders to Helwyr drop table.
Added Cinderbane gloves passive effect.
Added multiple items by default into toolbelt such as moulds, fishing equipment etc


Araxxi will no longer move at all from the centre of the platform in phase 4.
Araxxi minions will now die when she is defeated.
Araxxor & Araxxi will now stomp on the player if player is stood beneath them for longer than 8 seconds.
Araxxi now has a 1/40 chance of dropping a leg piece.

Updated Araxxi rotations to change every day.
Modified some treasure hunter items.
Cinderbane gloves passive effect now also triggers when using dwarf multicannon.
Switching between pickaxes/hatchets and machetes gives back the old item from the toolbelt.
Messages in friends chat should now show correct icons.
Messages in clan chat should now show correct icons.


Fixed an issue with divination siphoning.
Fixed some wisps which gave the player incorrect memories.
Fixed an issue with enriched wisps causing the players account to null and crash.
Fixed an issue with runecrafting, server will now take into account you runecrafting level and give you the appropriate runes in return.
Fixed an issue with treasure goebies not despawning when a new one spawns.
Fixed an issue regarding Araxxi in the Araxxor encounter, she should no longer disappear in phase 4.
Quercus is now spawned in its proper location.
Fixed an issue with creating cannonballs, it is now possible to do so efficiently. 
Fixed an issue with a set of stairs within the ancient cavern.
Fixed an issue with Ugthanatos book.
Updated canoes to allow the construction of all the canoes.
Fixed an issue which allow certain ironman to allow regular players in their instances.
Reaper necklace and deathtouch bracelet are now fixable.
Fixed an issue with k'ril tinyroth in boss collection log.

Fixed an issue with interfaces at araxxi.


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Nice one, I love all the small changes made just to increase our quality of life, adds a nice level of relaxation to the server.
Very nice work as always Scythe.

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