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Welcome to Cywir RS3!

The leading RuneScape 3 private server and home of the best Evolution of Combat experience!

We are currently actively working on a revision upgrade. We will be moving from our current revision 887, to the latest and last ever revision available for java. 910 1.
If you would like to read more about this click the button below!

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Dev blog - An Introduction

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Development Blog

Hi guys, Hope you are all well!

This is just a short introduction in what to expect from me in terms of the development for Cywir, In these blog i will talk about development plans, content ideas etc.
There will be polls, Rewards for great ideas and more.

The roadmap for Cywir will be quite interesting to say the least, The plan is to bring you guys a content packed enjoyable server to play on endlessly.
At this moment a lot of my time is being pumped into the development of Invention and the new way to train dungeoneering.
Development on both is going extremely well and i am happy with the progress and once they are out the way we will be able to move towards our alpha and beta stages.

Once we have reached that stage things will really start to get exciting, As i will be able to introduce high tier group/solo bosses such as;

- Nex: Angel of Death
- Mazcab Raids
- Telos

I plan to make the content i add enjoyable and balanced for all party sizes meaning you can still do them without having a substantial amount of players online.
This means you can enjoy the content in smaller groups.

I would love to be able to share all i am working on currently but i wish to keep some of my content under lock and key for obvious reasons.
But here are some teasers of what's being worked on currently.


Bank Wealth Evaluator;

That's all for now.


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Everything is looking excellent so far!
I can't wait for this to be in a playable state.

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Absolutely Beautiful, genuinely can't wait for this release, so excited to play and grind and have fun again.

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